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MINERAL RIDGE OH- In the hallowed halls of Mineral Ridge High School, there exists an extraordinary athlete named Ava Hulett, whose talents span across multiple sports. A true triple threat, she excels not only in volleyball but also in basketball and track and field. While her prowess is undeniable across all these disciplines, today, we shed light on her remarkable journey as a junior outside hitter for the Mineral Ridge volleyball team.

Ava’s journey in volleyball has been nothing short of remarkable. She entered the sport as a promising player and has transformed into a beacon of leadership and excellence for her team. While her statistics speak volumes, it’s her emotional and energetic presence on the court that sets her apart. She’s not just a statistical leader; she’s the driving force behind the Rams’ successes.

One of Ava’s standout achievements this season was reaching her 1,000th career dig, a testament to her exceptional defensive skills. But she’s not stopping there. With an impressive 313 kills, 317 digs, and 35 aces in the 2023 season, she’s well on her way to achieving 1,000 career kills, an incredible milestone that few attain. Her hitting percentage of .263 demonstrates her accuracy and effectiveness in attack.

Ava’s averages of 4.3 kills and 4.3 digs per set showcase her well-rounded abilities and her invaluable contributions to the team’s performance.

As the Rams prepare for an exciting tournament run, they know they can rely on Ava to bring her A-game. Her unwavering dedication and extraordinary talent will undoubtedly be key factors in their quest for success. For Ava Hulett, the future is filled with promise and the potential for even greater achievements on the volleyball court.

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MINERAL RUDGE OH- Last season, there were a lot of unknowns for Mineral Ridge volleyball. They lost an incredible senior class the year before that led them to a district championship. However Ava Hulett was ready for the moment as she came in her freshman season and made an immediate impact to the team’s offense.  A scary thought to anyone who has to play against her and the Rams is that she’s only going into her sophomore year. Opponents better get used to having to game plan against number 20 in orange and black.

In 2021 as a freshman Hulett finished with a team leading 322 kills.  She averaged over 3 and a half kills per set. It was the definition of coming out of nowhere.  Hulett also held the team lead in digs with 372. Her defense wasn’t limited to the back row either, she was second on the team in blocks with 38.  After such an amazing first season, it’s hard to imagine that she has things to improve on. But that’s exactly what Ava is aiming to do in 2022. As she compiles a list of goals to chase in the season, her team has big aspirations as well.  She will be a big key in the Rams success.

Ava took the time to talk to YSN’s Anthony Hartwig to discuss her second season with Mineral Ridge. They also discuss how she made such a big impact in her first season, how she gels with the team, and much more. Check out the latest Mineral Ridge Volleyball Player Profile only on YSN.

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