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Columbiana, OH- In a nail-biting showdown that kept fans on the edge of their seats, Lowellville managed to secure an exhilarating victory over Columbiana with a final score of 22-21 in overtime. Both teams showcased incredible determination and skill throughout the game, making it a memorable clash that will be talked about for weeks to come.

The game started with a burst of energy from Columbiana as Kian Hartley bulldozed his way through the opposing defense, clinching a 6-yard touchdown run. Aidan Radcliff followed up with a successful PAT, putting Columbiana in the lead at 7-0 with 1:16 left on the clock in the first quarter. The momentum continued in their favor when Hartley once again found the end zone, this time with a 5-yard TD run, followed by another precise PAT by Radcliff. With 9:03 remaining in the second quarter, Columbiana surged ahead with a 14-0 advantage.

Lowellville, however, refused to be outdone. Michael Ballone, the quarterback for Lowellville, orchestrated an impressive 4-yard touchdown pass to Matthew Lucido, who converted the subsequent PAT, narrowing the gap to 14-7 with just 3:54 left in the second quarter. As the game progressed, Lowellville continued to fight tooth and nail, and their efforts bore fruit when Ballone connected with Lucido once again, this time on a 27-yard TD pass. Lucido’s PAT was on point yet again, leveling the playing field at 14-14 with 4:15 remaining in the third quarter.

As tension continued to build, both teams displayed their determination to clinch the victory. In a series of dramatic events, Columbiana’s Liam Surgenevic powered through the defense with a remarkable 20-yard TD run, giving his team the edge once again with a score of 21-14. The resilient Lowellville squad, however, had no intention of letting their opponents take the win easily. Ballone rose to the occasion, not only orchestrating a remarkable 20-yard TD run but also delivering a flawless pass to Lucido for a 2-point conversion. With these crucial plays, Lowellville managed to sneak into the lead with a score of 22-21.

As the clock wound down, both teams were locked in a deadlock, resulting in the need for overtime to determine the winner. The intensity reached a fever pitch in overtime as each side gave their all to secure the victory. In the end, it was Lowellville who emerged triumphant, edging out Columbiana with a 22-21 victory.

Standout performances shone on both sides, with Lowellville’s Matthew Lucido showcasing his versatility with 2 TD catches, 2 PATs, and a pivotal 2-point conversion in overtime. Quarterback Michael Ballone also displayed his prowess with 2 TD passes and a game-changing 20-yard TD run in overtime. For Columbiana, Kian Hartley’s 2 TD runs and an interception couldn’t be overlooked, while Liam Surgenevic’s impactful 20-yard TD run in overtime, combined with his two interceptions, highlighted his all-around contribution.

In the end, it was a game that exemplified the heart and soul of high school football – determination, skill, and the unrelenting pursuit of victory. Fans left the stadium exhilarated by the rollercoaster of emotions and the exceptional athleticism displayed by both teams, proving once again that football is not just a sport, but an experience that brings communities together.


BOARDMAN, OH – As the football season reaches the midway point, two local coaching legends were able to sit down with YSN’s own, DJ Yokley, this week as they were on full display at the showroom in Boardman at Kufleitner Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Boardman. DJ was able to navigate this exclusive interview as they talked everything from football and other sports to speedos!

Make sure to tune in and check it out as you won’t want to miss out on any of the fun with Valley Christian Eagles head football coach Andy Hake and Columbiana Clippers head football coach Bob Spaite!