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Austintown Fitch High School is the scene for what is setting up to be a very competitive two days of high school wrestling.   The Eastern Ohio Wrestling League Tournament, slated to begin today at 3pm, is annually one of the most talked-about tournaments in Northeast Ohio.  Twenty-six schools will be competing in the two-day tournament which will certainly prove as a measuring stick for those looking at state glory in the coming weeks.  Two-time defending team champ Louisville is primed for the three-peat behind multiple top-seeded wrestlers.  The host Austintown Fitch,  Beaver Local, Boardman, Brookfield, Canfield, Columbiana, Crestview, Garrettsville Garfield, Girard, Howland, Hubbard, Jackson Milton, Jefferson, Liberty, Poland, Salem, South Range, United, Waterloo, Wellsville, and West Branch all are vying to knock off the Leopards and claim the team title in 2022.  Each weight listed with each respective top seed and those to watch out for in the tournament:

106– 1. Hunter Newell (SR) 26-3, Quinton Burns (LIB), Lacy Harvey (LOU) 23-6, 28-3, Mason SImms (WEL) 13-3

113– 1. Kolten Barker (LOU) 26-6, EJ McCarthy (HUB) 28-3, Kaden Welker (SR) 23-6, Dominic Leone (LIB) 25-5,

 120- 1. Gavin Pahanish (SR) 24-4, Jacob Ferguson (AUS) 23-2, Michael Dorris (WB) 21-7, Grayson Hoover (GG) 18-2

 126- 1. Mason Amadio (RSE) 21-6, Dylan Rhoads (LOU) 20-9, Tyler Scharrer (CAN) 31-3,  Adam Heckman (HOW) 17-4

 132- 1. Pablo Castro (LOU) 31-2, Ray Cmil (SR) 21-0, Jaymin Salsberry (BL) 15-2, Arthur Croom (AUS) 27-6

 138– 1. Michael Markulin (SR) 28-2, Mark Emmerling (BL) 15-4, Rian Spangler (HOW) 22-5, Dominic Hoffarth (LOU) 22-4

144- 1. Collin Wonner (CR) 19-2, Dorian Jackson (BL) 10-5, Jacob Richardson (SR) 26-2, Ashton Labelle (BRD) 18-8

150– 1. AJ Coppersmith (CR) 21-0, Aric Smith (AUS) 21-8, Niko Poullas (CAN) 31-4, Jenson Baker (UTD) 29-6

157– 1. Logan Ours (BL) 21-1, Brenden Severs (LOU) 26-6, Jake Starkey (SR) 24-5, Noah Frank (CAN) 24-7

165– 1. Hunter Andel (GG) 18-3, Logan Cormell (SR) 32-2, Tyler Lintner (AUS) 32-1,  Justin Fox (WLO) 20-2

175– 1. Keegan Sell (GG) 21-1, Noah Peterson (LOU) 12-7,  Sean O’Horo (BRD) 30-0,  Husdson Brink (WB) 24-7

190- 1. Jaidyn Sapp (RSE) 26-2, Blake Schaffer (LOU) 30-3, Dillon Smith (POL) 15-2, Dom Zemko (AUS) 23-11

 215– 1. Steven Marra (WB) 28-0, Chris Colucci (SR) 26-3,  Sam Murray (SAL) 20-6, Payne Brereton (UTD) 26-6

285- 1. Cameron Brazek (LOU) 26-3, Nick Bowser (HUB) 27-4, Dallas McCracken (UTD) 29-4, Michael Lally (SR) 25-7

Action slated to begin at 3pm today and continues at 10am Saturday.  Final round action is slated for 4:30pm Saturday afternoon at Fitch High School in Austintown