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MINERAL RIDGE, OH- At YSN, we shine the spotlight on young athletes who redefine commitment and passion. Today, we delve into the remarkable world of Kylee Molnar, a Mineral Ridge rising star whose dedication to sports is as inspiring as it is intense. DJ Yokley, host of YSN, sat down with Kylee to discuss her love for athletics, her punishing schedule, and the drive that catapults her towards success.

Since her early feature on YSN, Kylee has become a familiar name, not just for her prowess in multiple sports but for her genuine outlook towards her future. When asked about her motivation, Kylee shared, “I want to go to college for playing sports. Of course, I have a scholarship so my parents don’t have to pay for it.” Displaying maturity beyond her years, Kylee’s focus on securing a sports scholarship reflects her considerate nature and long-term vision.

A testament to her athletic versatility and enthusiasm, Kylee doesn’t restrict herself to a single sport – or even two. She juggles an astounding array of activities, including basketball, volleyball, cross country, track, and club sports. With such a packed routine, one might wonder how she manages it all. Yes, Kylee keeps a meticulous schedule. “I used to get up at like 05:00 a.m. before school started… Then I went to volleyball practice after, for 2 hours and, and then after volleyball I went to lifting and then I had to get a jump stretch after that,” she says, outlining a day that would exhaust even seasoned athletes.

The rigors of her routine are palpable when she discusses her workouts. “It could be hills some days. Linda loops, 400 repeats, mile repeats, six-mile runs. Just crazy stuff,” Kylee explains, revealing the extent of her training. These early morning workouts set the tone for the rest of her day which includes a full slate of school, sports, and study.

Balancing a high-octane sports regimen with schoolwork and family time isn’t easy, but Kylee does it with poise and discipline. When DJ Yokley asked what she enjoys outside of sports, her response was heartwarming, “I spend time with my family, but I also volunteer. My mom’s the booster, so I have to volunteer at the concession stand and on the field.”

Despite her disciplined diet, Kylee confesses her love for ‘pop’, or as some may call it, soda. “My cross country coach, he says it’s poison for me, but I really like some pop.” She proclaims root beer as her favorite, painting a picture of a regular teenager beneath the elite athlete.

When it comes to leadership, Kylee envisions her role as one of guidance and support: “Just speaking up, like helping people who don’t know what they’re doing, like trying to get them to the best of their abilities.” Kylee’s understanding of leadership extends beyond mere performance; it’s about empowering her teammates to reach their peak potential.

Kylee’s achievements are indeed impressive. DJ Yokley pointed out her accomplishments in junior high cross country, noting she “finished third at the league meet, making first team all MVAC finished 7th at the state meet out of 132 other runners.” Not just a talented runner, Kylee simultaneously excelled as a key player on the 8th-grade volleyball team.

As the interview came to a close, it became clear that Kylee thrives under pressure. Relishing the adrenaline rush, she shared, “That’s incredible… You’re at your best when the stage is biggest.” This sentiment embodies the spirit of a true competitor, one who consistently chases excellence with boundless energy and unwavering commitment.

From YSN, we salute Kylee Molnar for her exceptional prowess as an athlete and commend her efforts both on and off the field. Keep an eye on this outstanding Mineral Ridge player as she heads into high school. There’s no telling the heights she’ll reach, and we can’t wait to chronicle her journey.