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Ashtabula, OH- The Jefferson Falcons are gearing up for an exciting season ahead next year as they announce Brandon Hanna as their new head high school girls basketball coach. Hanna, already renowned for his leadership as the Falcons’ head football coach, brings a wealth of coaching experience and a proven track record of success to the girls basketball program.

Having steered the Falcons’ football team to its first-ever regional championship, Hanna is no stranger to guiding teams to greatness. His appointment follows the departure of former head coach TJ Furman, who played a pivotal role in the development of the girls basketball program at Jefferson over the years.

Expressing his gratitude for the opportunity, Hanna credits Coach Furman for his mentorship and the solid foundation he’s inherited. “I’m blessed and honored to lead both of these programs,” Hanna remarks. “We thrive in these uncommon opportunities.”

With six years of coaching experience in girls AAU and a successful stint as the Jefferson Falcons’ 8th grade girls coach, Hanna is poised to make an immediate impact. His previous coaching endeavors boast an impressive 17-2 record as the girls 8th grade coach, indicative of his ability to nurture talent and drive results.

Hanna’s transition to coaching girls basketball is seamless, given his longstanding involvement with the sport. “I’ve been running the only local girls AAU program in the county for a few years now,” he shares. “I’m believing that will help our program in the near future.”

Excited about the prospects of the upcoming season, Hanna is confident in the talent and dedication of the players under his wing. “Excited would be an understatement,” he exclaims. “We have a solid group of girls returning, as well as a solid group of girls coming out of our Jr. High program.”

Setting ambitious goals for the team, Hanna aims high with aspirations of reaching the state tournament. “The goal is to punch our ticket to Dayton,” he declares. “The larger the vision, the greater the process! We understand there are many things that need to happen before that, but we’re looking forward to thriving in the process!! I thank God daily for preparing me for these moments.”

Addressing any concerns about his transition from football to girls basketball, Hanna reassures everyone of his commitment to the team. “If anyone is worried about the coaching transition from Football to Girls Basketball, just know that I’m a Girl Dad first,” he affirms.

As Brandon Hanna embarks on this new chapter as head girls basketball coach, the Jefferson Falcons can anticipate a season filled with determination, growth, and a relentless pursuit of excellence under his guidance.


Ashtabula, OH- The Lakeside Dragons have proudly unveiled Terrence Henton as their new head football coach, a homegrown talent with a deep connection to the Ashtabula Area City School District. Graduating in 1993, Henton’s journey from a standout running back to a mentor and coach exemplifies his commitment to the community and the sport he loves.

Henton’s football legacy began with the Ashtabula Panthers, a team that later merged with the Harbor Mariners to create the formidable Lakeside Dragons. His exceptional talents and unwavering work ethic earned him a spot with the renowned Ashland Eagles, a top-tier Division 2 football program. Transitioning to wide receiver in college, Henton maximized his speed and athleticism, showcasing his versatility on the field.

The coaching trajectory in Henton’s career took flight in 2004 when he joined Lakeside as a track coach. His passion for developing young talent became evident in 2007 when he stepped into the realm of youth football coaching, leaving an indelible mark on many of the area’s best high school players.

In 2017, Henton embraced the challenge of coaching high school players as a WR/DB. His coaching acumen flourished further when he assumed the role of Lakeside junior high head football coach for two seasons starting in 2019. A pivotal moment in Henton’s coaching journey unfolded in 2022 when he joined forces with Olajuwon Cooper, Head Football Coach of the Edgewood Warriors, as Offensive Coordinator. Together, they orchestrated one of the most prolific and record-breaking offenses in Ashtabula County history, guiding Tony Hall to become the all-time leader in both single-season and career touchdowns and passing yards.

Beyond the local arena, Henton has dedicated the past four years to coaching at the Nike Elite 11 QB camps, honing the skills of some of the nation’s most promising players and programs.

Henton’s decision to stay close to home and contribute to the community that shaped him is rooted in deep pride. “IM FROM BULA!! they wrote a song about it!!! I rep Ashtabula everywhere I go. I’m not from Cleveland or Youngstown!!! IM FROM BULA!!” he declares passionately, reflecting on the cherished memories of his upbringing, from the scent of popcorn and pizza to purchasing game tickets at Betty’s beauty shop.

Coaching, for Henton, is not just a job; it’s a calling. His ability to form lasting relationships with his players is a testament to his genuine desire to positively impact the lives of youth through sport. When asked about his coaching philosophy, Henton fervently states, “I coach because of the coaches I had!! My youth coach Gary Butte took me in like a son… Roby Potts is the Nick Saban/Kirby Smart in my life.”

Acknowledging the accomplishments of his predecessor, Coach Buzz Edwards, Henton expresses deep respect for the transformative work done in turning the Lakeside Dragons’ program around. “Buzz doesn’t get enough credit for what he has done,” affirms Henton. “He will always be one of the smartest football guys in my phone!! I told him I will keep picking his brain until he says get away.”

In addition to his gratitude towards Edwards, Henton commends Edgewood’s head football coach Olajuwon Cooper and Athletic Director Steve Kray. The opportunity and trust bestowed upon him to lead the youth at Edgewood High School are sources of everlasting gratitude for Henton.

Terrence Henton is a man deeply invested in the area, the students, and the future success of the Lakeside Dragons football program. His commitment, passion, and genuine care for the community set the stage for an exciting new chapter in the Dragons’ football journey.


PEPPER PIKE, OH- In the premiere episode of the YSN podcast, “Orange Girls Basketball Coach’s Corner,” host DJ Yokley sits down with the renowned La’Shawn Brown, head coach of the Orange High School’s girls basketball team. With an impressive 14-year coaching career and a legendary basketball background herself, Brown offers a captivating glimpse into her life and coaching philosophy.

For Brown, basketball was not initially on her radar. Standing as the tallest girl in her high school and middle school, she originally had ambitions to pursue track. However, she was encouraged to give basketball a try, despite facing the setback of having lost her fingers in an accident at a young age. Overcoming this challenge, Brown showcased her skills and had a breakthrough sophomore year at Heights High School, paving the way for a storied basketball career.

Through her personal adversities, Brown developed resilience and discipline, instilled in her by her grandmother, who taught her to view herself no differently from anyone else. The experience of being treated like any other player and accepting her amputated hand propelled her to excel on and off the court.

As the head coach of the Orange girls basketball team, Brown is grateful for the opportunity to build a strong program and elevate her team’s level of play. She acknowledges the progress made in her inaugural year as head coach and expresses high expectations for the upcoming season. Brown commends her players’ dedication and hard work during the summer and anticipates the positive impact of new team members on the court.

Reflecting on her coaching journey, Brown highlights the importance of instilling discipline and affirmations to push her players beyond their comfort zones. She aims to create an environment where being uncomfortable, tired, or sore is accepted as part of the growth process.

Challenges remain for Brown in controlling expectations, particularly when it comes to understanding her players’ abilities and pushing them to exceed their limits. However, she welcomes the assistance of her experienced coaching staff and relishes the opportunity to mold her team into one that is prepared to fight, hustle, and do whatever it takes to succeed.

As the Orange girls basketball team heads into a new season, Coach Brown wants opponents to know that her team won’t back down. With a resilient and determined mindset, her players are ready to give their all, fight for every win, and leave it all on the court.

To hear more from Brown and gain insight into the world of Orange girls basketball, tune in to the full episode of the “Orange Girls Basketball Coach’s Corner” on the YSN podcast.

Stay tuned for future episodes highlighting the behind-the-scenes stories of coaches and athletes in the Orange High School community.