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MINERAL RIDGE, OH-  As a beacon of hope and resilience for the younger generation, Faith Schneider has undoubtedly made a mark in Mineral Ridge’s sports history. Faith recently joined us on YSN podcast, where she opened up about her impressive journey throughout her high school volleyball career.

“When I first came to the school, I had to sit out half the year,” Faith recalled, addressing the challenges she faced early on. Despite this, she went on to achieve a remarkable milestone, surpassing a thousand digs—a feat she hadn’t anticipated. “I wasn’t really expecting, like, anything like that. But with the team like that, I had. It was very easy to do that,” she humbly stated.

Faith’s gratitude toward her team revealed the cohesive force that propelled the program to excellence. “It’s really been about, like, leadership and about, like, everyone working together and just working hard and always wanting to, like, win and have a common goal,” she expressed, highlighting the importance of unity and collective aspiration.

A natural leader herself, Faith emphasized the essence of leading by example, aiming not only to inspire but also to instill joy. “I just want them to, like, remember, like, the moments of me being, like, stupid or funny and them always, like, looking back on that,” she shared. This mindset reflects her leadership style, one that is both uplifting and memorable.

Looking back on the figures who shaped her journey, Faith credited her older peers, particularly mentioning Olivia Booth. “She’s, like, one of my favorite seniors… She was literally the one that, like, really brought me under and, like,” Faith says, alluding to the influence and guidance she received as a younger athlete.

Achieving all-state honors was a landmark moment for Faith, one that surprised and humbled her. “It’s very amazing… It just feels, like, really amazing to, like, know that people, like, know me and they have my back, and then they know that I could be a good player,” she said, acknowledging the recognition and support she’s received.

Enduring and overcoming adversity is part of any athlete’s journey, and Faith is no exception. Her philosophy, embedded by her parents, is to learn and grow from every setback. “He’d [her father] always be like, you know you always gonna have that bad game, that bad match, but it’s how you bounce back from it that really shows, like, the type of person you are,” she explained, speaking on the resilience ingrained in her approach.

Looking ahead, the discomfort of starting anew weighs on anyone venturing into uncharted territories. Yet, for Faith, Edinburgh feels like a second home, credited largely to the welcoming nature of the team and coaching staff. “It was very, like, home. Like, I just could, like, see myself there, and I love, like, the team. Like the. Just the whole atmosphere of the whole program,” she beamed with enthusiasm for her future.
As her legacy at Mineral Ridge endures, Faith carries the pride of being a foundational brick in the school’s sports culture. “It just feels really good that I can, like, be an example for a lot of girls,” Faith remarked, understanding the impact she leaves behind.

Concluding her high-school sports journey, Faith Schneider stands as an example of what hard work, a positive mindset, and a sense of community can achieve. Her story will continue to inspire and motivate many in Mineral Ridge and beyond as she takes the next step in her academic and athletic career.



PEPPER PIKE, OH- Liv Jackson, the senior center power forward for the Orange Lady Lions basketball team, recently sat down for an exclusive interview on YSN to discuss her experiences and aspirations as a talented athlete and driven student. During the interview, Liv shared her excitement for making the most of her senior year and creating lasting memories with her teammates and friends before embarking on her college journey.

With her eyes set on a career in the medical field as an orthopedic surgeon, Liv’s passion for medicine and surgery shone brightly as she expressed her desire to contribute to the ongoing discoveries in the field.

On the basketball court, Liv’s competitive drive and resilience were evident as she described her approach to the game, including her determination to be more aggressive and develop a more unpredictable playing style. She highlighted her strengths in finishing layups and rebounding, while also acknowledging the need to work on turning her weaknesses into strengths.

As a leader on the team, Liv emphasized the importance of radiating confidence and being a supportive friend to her teammates, offering advice and encouragement to the underclassmen and stressing the value of staying true to oneself, a virtue she learned from her mother.

Looking ahead to a special moment at Rocket Mortgage Field House, Liv expressed her eagerness to play in such a grand stadium, embracing the opportunity to shine on a larger stage.

Liv’s humility, determination, and respect for her family, particularly her mother, serve as a testament to her character and drive to succeed both on and off the court. Her positive outlook and leadership qualities make her a role model for her peers and aspiring athletes.

As she continues to make her mark both in basketball and academia, Liv Jackson illustrates the power of determination, resilience, and humility, embodying the spirit of a true athlete and scholar. Her journey serves as an inspiration to all those who strive for excellence in their pursuits.