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The position of defensive specialist demands a certain mindset. To be on an island in the back row and responsible for your zone takes supreme confidence. That is something Poland senior Sierra Sebastian has in surplus. She fully believes in her ability to get the big dig for her team when she’s put in that position. Another thing a defensive specialist has to be able to do well is communicate. Sierra may be the most vocal member of the team. Coach DiNello says Sebastian’s best quality is her natural platform while passing. It’s something that some players just have. The ability to almost effortlessly make on target passes to the setter. There’s no question why Sierra is a player you can always see patrolling the seas of the Bulldog back row. 

YSN’s Anthony Hartwig stopped by Poland to talk with Sierra. They discuss her favorite volleyball memories, being a senior leader, and much more. We round out the eight Bulldog seniors with the latest Poland Volleyball Player Profile Under the Sea: Sierra Sebastian.