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CANFIELD OH- South Range came in to this season with just two seniors on their roster. For most teams that would mean they’d need other younger players to step up and help lead, but not with the Raiders.  The senior tandem of Emma Cunningham and Taylor McClish are plenty to carry the leadership.  We caught up with Emma earlier in the season, so now it’s time to turn your attention to Taylor.  While Emma’s story led you inside the paint to her size and post ability, Taylor’s story makes you look beyond the arc.  McClish has quickly grown into one of the Raiders most reliable deep threats on the floor.  It’s pretty impressive considering she wasn’t on the roster last season. Taking that long off from touching a basketball and picking it right back up isn’t common.  But Taylor is a different breed, and she has not taken any steps back but instead steps forward.

In you think McClish can’t handle the pressure senior year on the basketball floor can bring, you don’t know her. She is a professional athlete after all. She races four wheels at the highest level.  That is a sport where one tiny mistake can cause some pretty serious injury. So your full court press won’t phase the girl who whips around an off road track at high speeds.

McClish leads the Raidersvin three pointers this season with 22 made up to this point.  She shoots close to 30% behind the arc and averages over 6 points per game.  She gets in on rebounds as well. McClish goes up and gets 6.2 boards per contest.

McClish took the time to talk with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig this week to talk about her senior season. They talk about what drew her back to the court, stepping into a leadership role, and much more. Check out the latest South Range Girls Basketball Player Profile only on YSN.

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They say great things come in two. For the South Range Lady Raiders, they have a pair of freshman who bond off the court is as strong as ever. Emma Cunningham and Taylor McClish are two rising stars of the Raiders program. Emma Cunningham came into this year with eyes already on her. As a Cunningham, everyone around South Range basketball knee her name. Her brother Mike did wonderful things for the Raiders in his career. When Coach Fishel asked coach Cullen if he knew anything about her his response was simply “she’s a Cunningham what else do you need to know?” Emma says that seeing her brother go through his career was a great inspiration for her. Now it’s her time to shine. But she couldn’t do it without her partner in crime Taylor McClish. McClish came into the program much more off the radar than Emma, but she caught Coach Fishel’s eye real quick. He says she plays with such intensity and physicality. He says she’s a straight up basketball player, and no one has told her that before. Now that both Taylor, and Emma are full of confidence they are starting to make impacts on the varsity floor. In the Raiders last game against Struthers while trailing by ten at half they were both asked to provide quality minutes. They did just that as they gave their team a solid boost off the bench and helped them come back to win in Struthers. Sharing that moment together is something they will never forget. This tandem truly feels like they can do anything, as long as they do it side by side. Friendship forged by basketball, but lasting beyond the court. 

Anthony Hartwig got the chance to sit down with both Emma and Taylor earlier this week. They discuss their friendship, gaining confidence through the season, and much more. So join us for this special edition of Lady Raiders Player Profiles A Fresh Pair.