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BOARDMAN, OH-  In this episode, we have a special feature on Sophia Rivera, a talented golfer from Boardman High School.

Sophia has been making waves in the golfing world, with three strong years already under her belt. But it’s not all smooth sailing for her. Sophia opens up about her struggles with her mental game and the negative self-talk that often plagues her on the course.

However, she also shares how she turns things around and stays positive by spreading love and support to her teammates and opponents. Join us as we dive deep into Sophia’s journey, her favorite moments on the golf course, and her upcoming challenges as she prepares for her next big tournament.

So sit back, relax, and get ready for another inspiring episode of Boardman Spartan: Player Profile.




EAST PALESTINE, OH- In today’s episode, “East Palestine Football Bulldog Roundtable,” we gather an exclusive panel of talented players from the East Palestine Bulldogs football team. Shane Richardson, Ayvre Klingensmith, RJ May, and Anthony Lehman are joining us, each representing a different grade level – senior, sophomore, freshman, and junior, respectively.

Hosted by the “Voice of the Bulldogs” Tim Figley, this roundtable discussion takes us through the journey of these dedicated athletes, from their offseason training and team improvements to memorable moments and individual accomplishments throughout the season.

As we dive deeper into their experiences, we uncover the challenges they’ve faced, the impact of other sports on their performance, and the camaraderie that drives them forward. From heart-pumping touchdowns to game-changing tackles, this episode provides an intimate look at the mindset and dedication required to excel in high school football. So, get ready to hear inspiring stories, valuable insights, and the unwavering passion of these remarkable Bulldog athletes. Stay tuned for an episode that’ll have you cheering from the sidelines.

This is YSN: East Palestine Football Bulldog Roundtable. Let’s get started!