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EAST LIVERPOOL, OH- The Beavers erased a 10 point deficit to get back to .500 on the season. This game had it all, from the long runs to the exchanged baskets, and then the comebacks.

Buckeye Local jumped out to a 6-0 lead with a couple of threes, then the Beavers scored 10 unanswered. Both teams exchanged baskets for the rest of the half, and the Panthers took a 6 point lead into the locker room. They then controlled the third quarter. They went up by 10 for the majority of the quarter. It was a 7 point difference entering the fourth.

The Beavers then stormed back.

A collection of offense pulled them to within 2 a couple of times, and even tied the game at one point, but couldn’t take the lead. Down by three with about 2 minutes left, Luke Chetock banged 2 threes home to give the Beavers the lead, and they kept that for the rest of the game. The Panthers were forced to foul and the Beavers smartly gave the ball to Chetock to send him to the line. He finished with 16 points as the Beavers leading scorer and takes home the G. Burbik Farms player of the game honors, as the Beavers took home a 66-55 victory.

The next broadcast will be next week on YSN Beaver Local when Edison comes to town.


*Story contributed by YSN’s Michael McKenzie

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