East Palestine, OH- No power rankings have garnered more celebration or criticisms this year than the Power 20 right here on YSN. The week of 4/30/23 was no different with tons of jumps and drops after the points were computed for all the teams under the YSN umbrella. Labrae finds themselves as the new top dog with their impressive 16-4 record and opponents wins at almost 100. Other notable movements include Hoban and Lakeview moving into the “Big Logo” 3 after huge wins over accomplished opponents in the previous week.

The formula used for the Power 20 is as follows:

  • +1 point for each win
  • -1 point for each loss
  • Each of the opponents a team has beat has their wins tallied and the total is multiplied by 0.5
  • Opponents’ wins are only counted once so beating the same team twice does not double your opponent’s win total
  • +0.25 points for run rule victories
  • -0.25 points for run rule losses
  • +1 point for leading the conference/division
  • Division bonus applied to each win and added to total
    • Division 1 = 4 points
    • Division 2 = 3 points
    • Division 3 = 2 points
    • Division 4 = 1 Point
  • Tie Breakers= Head to Head, most opponents wins