BERLIN CENTER, OH- In a recent episode of the YSN podcast, “Player Profile with Joey Sigworth,” host Chris Colucci sat down with Sigworth, a senior player on the high school football team, to discuss his experiences and role as a leader on the field.

Sigworth, who plays multiple positions on the team, spoke about the importance of senior leadership and its impact on younger players. He acknowledged the influence of past senior leaders who guided and mentored him during his freshman year, emphasizing the significance of setting a positive example for future generations.

When asked about potential future leaders, Sigworth mentioned freshman Carson Myers and showcased his belief in their ability to step up and assume leadership roles in the future. He also highlighted the potential of Noah Gonzalez, a fellow player in his position, who has been making significant contributions during JV games.

Beyond the football field, Sigworth emphasized the camaraderie among the team, mentioning that they often engage in team bonding activities such as hanging out, attending fires, swimming during the summer, and even fishing in neighboring ponds like Henning’s pond.

Discussing his passion for football, Sigworth expressed the unique bond and connection he feels with his football teammates that he didn’t experience in other sports like baseball and basketball. Although he possesses great athleticism and versatility, football holds a special place for him due to the unmatched camaraderie and bond he shares with his teammates.

Looking ahead to life after high school, Sigworth shared his plans to pursue a career in the trades rather than attending college. While he hasn’t considered college football, he remains focused on making the most of his senior year, hoping to end it on a high note and leave a lasting impact on the field.

In the rapid-fire question segment, Sigworth revealed his preferences for a Berry Gatorade Zero and extra-large bags of teriyaki beef jerky as his go-to gas station order. As for music, he is a country music fan, with Luke Combs being his favorite artist and “Where the Wild Things Are” as his favorite song.

All in all, Joey Sigworth’s interview provided valuable insights into the senior player’s role as a leader and his deep connection with the sport of football. As the team continues to progress through the season, Sigworth’s leadership and camaraderie will undoubtedly play a crucial role in their success.

With a promising future, both on and off the field, Joey Sigworth is leaving a legacy as a respected teammate and role model for future generations of athletes at his high school.