CANFIELD, OH- In the latest episode of YSN’s Coach’s Corner, Canfield football coach Mike Pavlansky sat down with DJ Yokley to discuss the upcoming week twelve matchup against the Ursuline Fighting Irish. The Canfield Cardinals have had an impressive season, and Coach Pavlansky expressed his excitement about playing high school football in November, which indicates a successful year.

When asked about their approach to facing Ursulin, Coach Pavlansky emphasized the importance of preparation and not putting too much pressure on themselves. He acknowledged that Ursuline is a formidable opponent, with a strong defense that has only allowed eleven points per game this season. Offensively, the Fighting Irish possess talented players who can make big plays.

Coach Pavlansky also discussed the experience of his own team, particularly the seasoned offensive and defensive lines. However, he acknowledged that Ursuline has made significant improvements since their last matchup, making it a challenging game for Canfield.

The conversation shifted to the respect Coach Pavlansky holds for Ursuline coach Dan Reardon. He praised Reardon’s ability to lead and run a successful program, emphasizing the need for Canfield to be well-prepared and focused to avoid being overwhelmed by the Fighting Irish.

As the Canfield Cardinals enter week twelve of the playoffs, Coach Pavlansky acknowledged the possibility that it could be the last game for the seniors. However, he believes that they understand the magnitude of the occasion and have learned from the senior classes before them.

Reflecting on the previous week’s game against Akron East, Coach Pavlansky mentioned the noticeable difference in atmosphere and fan support during the playoffs. He expects a similar atmosphere when Canfield takes on Ursuline, especially considering they will be playing at Standby Stadium for the first time in years.

Lastly, Coach Pavlansky expressed his gratitude for the support received from the Canfield community. He commended the community’s unwavering support for the school and its athletic programs.

In the lighthearted conclusion of the interview, Coach Pavlansky shared his Thanksgiving preferences, stating his top three draft picks on the holiday table: turkey at number one, followed by mashed potatoes, and Brussels sprouts for a splash of green on the plate.

As the Canfield Cardinals prepare for their week twelve matchup against the Ursuline Fighting Irish, the team is focused and determined to continue their successful playoff run. The community stands ready to support their team every step of the way.