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MINERAL RIDGE OH- The transition between sophomore and junior year is usually a big step in leadership and responsibility.  For Mineral Ridge junior Aaliyah Wall she has grown into one of the biggest leaders on the team. For a roster on the younger side, the Rams lead on their leadership where they get it. Wall patrols the hot corner, and makes some of the toughest plays you can make on a softball diamond. It’s not hard to have respect for a softball third baseman. They are the ones that charge a batter from 45 feet away. They call it the hot corner for a reason.  Wall has racked up a lot of accomplishments in her career at Mineral Ridge already and now as a junior her next goals are square in her sights.

Wall is off to an incredible start at the plate as well for the Rams. The junior third baseman is hitting .588 which currently ranks 2nd on the team.  She has hit 1 home run and knocked in 5 RBI in 8 games played.  Wall’s on base percentage is above .600.  Wall has a fielding percentage of .899 and has only made 2 errors so far this season.

YSN’s Jake Sylak caught up with Wall at the Post Office Pub to talk about her career. They talk about the step into leadership, the accomplishments that Wall is most proud of, and so much more. Check out the latest Mineral Ridge Softball Player Profile only on YSN.

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