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LISBON, OH – In a basketball clash between local rivals, the Columbiana Lady Clippers showcased their dominance, securing a convincing EOAC victory over the Lisbon Lady Blue Devils with a final score of 51-20. The first quarter set the tone for the game, with Columbiana taking a slim 12-9 lead. Averi Marshall led the charge, showcasing her scoring prowess early on. As the halftime buzzer sounded, Columbiana had extended their lead to 26-13. The Lady Clippers displayed a balanced offensive attack, with contributions from multiple players. Evy Rapp added to the scoring effort, highlighting Columbiana’s depth and versatility.

The third quarter further solidified Columbiana’s control of the game, as they widened the gap to 39-15. Averi Marshall continued to shine, finishing the game with an impressive 19 points. Evy Rapp’s steady performance, contributing 7 points, complemented Marshall’s scoring output and added to Columbiana’s success. On the opposing side, Jayden Smyth, Brooklyn Cousins, Morgan Lively led the offensive efforts for Lisbon. Smyth finishing the game with 7 points, Cousins and Lively both adding in 6 points.

Up next for the Lady Clippers will be a home match up with the Wellsville Lady Tigers on Monday, December 11th. The Lisbon Lady Blue Devils, also back in action on Monday, will travel to Valley Christian to take on the Lady Eagles.


BOARDMAN, OH- In a hard-fought matchup, the Boardman girls’ basketball team faced a challenging encounter against the undefeated Lake Blue Streaks, ultimately succumbing to a final score of 68-50. The game unfolded with intense action, and despite the Lady Spartans’ efforts, the Blue Streaks proved to be a formidable opponent.

Lake seized control early, establishing a 16-7 lead at the end of the first quarter. Undeterred, the Lady Spartans rallied in the second quarter, outscoring the Blue Streaks and narrowing the gap to 30-22 at halftime. However, the third quarter became a pivotal point in the game as Lake extended their lead by 15 points, creating a challenging scenario for the Spartans to overcome.

Despite a valiant effort down the stretch, the Lady Spartans were unable to bridge the gap, and Lake’s lead proved insurmountable. Sarah Bero emerged as a bright spot for Boardman, achieving her second double-double of the season with an impressive performance of 13 points and 10 rebounds. Mackenzie Riccitelli contributed to the scoring with 10 points, while Sam Duble showcased her shooting skill with three 3-pointers, totaling 9 points.

M.C. Werth and Mikayla Rivera each added 6 points to the scoreboard, contributing to the Spartans’ offensive efforts. Jocelynn Torres recorded 4 points, and Ava Freeborough rounded out the scoring with 2 points. Notably, Tori Strines, Janessa Prisby, Emma Terlesky, and Lilly Ison provided valuable minutes for the Spartans.

Despite the setback, the Lady Spartans now stand at 2-1 on the season and are poised to rebound in the upcoming United Way Classic at Poland on Saturday.


PEPPER PIKE, OH- Junior basketball standout, Rae Oberster, is poised to make a significant impact on the court as a leader for the Orange Lady Lions. In a recent interview on the YSN podcast, Oberster shared insights into the challenges and aspirations that come with being a junior on the team.

Oberster recognizes the weight of her new role, highlighting the delicate balance between authority and unity among teammates. As the team’s floor general, she strives to lead by example, emphasizing the importance of understanding and directing plays to guide the team to success.

When asked about her passion for basketball, Oberster credited her parents for inspiring her determination, especially her mother’s courageous move to a foreign country during high school. She reflected on her love for the sport, emphasizing the value of hard work and the gratification of seeing results through dedication and skill.

While her offensive prowess is undoubted, Oberster’s commitment to growth and patience during times of adversity bodes well for the Lady Lions. She emphasized the significance of celebrating small victories as key stepping stones towards a successful season.

Oberster’s family plays a significant role in her life, particularly her father, with whom she shares a strong bond over basketball. Her enthusiasm for the game extends even to her Christmas wish, as she eagerly anticipates a win at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse.

As she gears up to represent her school and community on the court, Oberster’s infectious excitement and dedication make her a standout player to watch this season. With her leadership and offensive prowess, all signs point to a promising season for the Orange Lady Lions.

The Orange Lady Lions’ fans can look forward to witnessing Rae Oberster’s unwavering commitment and skill as she takes charge on the court.




PEPPER PIKE, OH- Liv Jackson, the senior center power forward for the Orange Lady Lions basketball team, recently sat down for an exclusive interview on YSN to discuss her experiences and aspirations as a talented athlete and driven student. During the interview, Liv shared her excitement for making the most of her senior year and creating lasting memories with her teammates and friends before embarking on her college journey.

With her eyes set on a career in the medical field as an orthopedic surgeon, Liv’s passion for medicine and surgery shone brightly as she expressed her desire to contribute to the ongoing discoveries in the field.

On the basketball court, Liv’s competitive drive and resilience were evident as she described her approach to the game, including her determination to be more aggressive and develop a more unpredictable playing style. She highlighted her strengths in finishing layups and rebounding, while also acknowledging the need to work on turning her weaknesses into strengths.

As a leader on the team, Liv emphasized the importance of radiating confidence and being a supportive friend to her teammates, offering advice and encouragement to the underclassmen and stressing the value of staying true to oneself, a virtue she learned from her mother.

Looking ahead to a special moment at Rocket Mortgage Field House, Liv expressed her eagerness to play in such a grand stadium, embracing the opportunity to shine on a larger stage.

Liv’s humility, determination, and respect for her family, particularly her mother, serve as a testament to her character and drive to succeed both on and off the court. Her positive outlook and leadership qualities make her a role model for her peers and aspiring athletes.

As she continues to make her mark both in basketball and academia, Liv Jackson illustrates the power of determination, resilience, and humility, embodying the spirit of a true athlete and scholar. Her journey serves as an inspiration to all those who strive for excellence in their pursuits.






PEPPER PIKE, OH-  Senior basketball player Ernest Pryor from Orange High School is gearing up for his most awaited season yet as he looks to leave his mark on the court. In a recent interview with YSN, Pryor expressed his anticipation for his senior year, emphasizing his team’s goal to win a district championship and his personal aspiration to play college basketball.

Pryor, known for his sharpshooting abilities, is determined to elevate his game and improve on his defensive skills to contribute more effectively to the team. He also acknowledged the significance of his close-knit senior teammates and the invaluable support from their new coach, Coach Marv, a former college basketball player.

In the interview, Pryor also credited his parents and a Navy Seal as his role models, attributing their guidance and perseverance as sources of motivation. His determination to make the most of his senior year reflects his desire to avoid the regrets of missed opportunities, serving as a driving force behind his efforts on the court.

With a strong sense of purpose and a passion for the game, Pryor is poised to lead his team to success this season. As he prepares for his future beyond high school, he remains focused on making the most of his basketball career and realizing his dreams at the collegiate level.

As Ernest Pryor’s senior season unfolds, it’s clear that his dedication to the sport and his team will continue to define his legacy at Orange High School.




LISBON, OH – The Lisbon Blue Devils dominated the basketball court tonight, securing a resounding victory over EOAC foe, the East Palestine Bulldogs with a final score of 75-42. From the opening tip-off, Lisbon set the tone for the game, showcasing their offensive talent and defensive tenacity. The first quarter saw Lisbon racing to a 14-4 lead. The Blue Devils’ coordinated efforts on both ends of the court left the Bulldogs struggling to find a rhythm.

At halftime, Lisbon maintained control with a 30-18 lead. The first-half performance underscored the team’s depth, as multiple players contributed to the scoring effort. The Bulldogs, led by Will Dixon and Kyler Bourne, faced a daunting task in overcoming Lisbon’s strong defensive presence.

The third quarter proved to be a pivotal period, with Lisbon extending their lead to 50-27. Trevor Siefke continued his scoring barrage, finishing the game with an impressive 25 points as the Blue Devils continued showcasing the well-rounded offensive capabilities.

Despite facing a formidable opponent, East Palestine’s Will Dixon fought valiantly, finishing the game with 13 points. Kyler Bourne added 9 points to the Bulldogs’ effort, but Lisbon’s relentless pace and efficient scoring made it challenging for East Palestine to mount a comeback.

As the final buzzer sounded, Lisbon celebrated a convincing 75-42 victory. Adding on to Siefke’s 25 points were Hunter Dailey with 17 and Austin Dailey with 13.

Up next for Lisbon will be a home matchup with their EOAC rivals, the Columbiana Clippers on Friday night. East Palestine will return home on Friday night to take on the Valley Christian Eagles.


PEPPER PIKE, OH- In the podcast episode titled “YSN⧸ORANGE BASKETBALL PLAYER PROFILE: DOM ANEKWE,” we get an inside look at the life and mindset of Dom Anekwe, a senior basketball player at Orange High School. Dom talks about the physicality and toughness required for his position as a big man down low for the Lions. He emphasizes the importance of staying motivated, being consistent, and constantly improving his game, especially his mid-range shooting.

Throughout the conversation, Dom reflects on his track and field experience and how it has contributed to his basketball skills, with a core focus on consistency. He also shares his expectations for the team’s upcoming season, including their defensive strength and their ability to handle close games.
One of the most poignant moments of the episode is when Dom talks about his role models, including Kobe Bryant, Michael B. Jordan, and LeBron James. However, he reserves a special place in his heart for his grandmother, who is a source of unwavering support, encouragement, and valuable life advice.
Dom’s deep admiration for his grandmother is evident as he shares how she attends all his games and provides him with wisdom and guidance. He discusses the impact of her presence in his life, and the valuable advice she has given him, which includes keeping God in his favor.

The conversation takes a heartwarming turn as Dom shares his excitement for the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration, highlighting his grandmother’s delicious dishes and the memorable family moments they share.

In a lighthearted moment, Dom reveals his cooking skills and his specialty—spaghetti, and eagerly responds to the idea of trying a spaghetti sandwich, showing his fun and adventurous side.

The episode wraps up with Dom expressing his excitement and determination as he gears up for the games, ready to give his best and be great for the Lions. The conversation offers a glimpse into the life of a dedicated high school basketball player, highlighting the impact of family, values, and the determination to succeed both on and off the court.




LISBON, OH – In a closely contested EOAC matchup, the East Palestine Lady Bulldogs secured a narrow victory over the Lisbon Lady Blue Devils with a final score of 39-36. The game unfolded with intensity, featuring standout performances from both teams.

As the game unfolded, it became clear that every basket and defensive play would be crucial. The first three quarters saw both teams exchanging leads, showcasing the competitive balance between the Lady Bulldogs and the Lady Blue Devils. The intensity of the matchup kept fans on the edge of their seats. In the fourth quarter, it was Gabby Andre who rose to the occasion for East Palestine, displaying skill and composure, Andre made key plays on both ends of the court. Her contributions, whether in scoring, rebounding, or defensive stops, proved pivotal in East Palestine’s victory. Andre finished with a career high 19 points

Despite Lisbon’s resilient efforts led by Jayden Smyth with 10 points and Lylah Brown with 9 points, East Palestine managed to secure a slim 39-36 win as the final buzzer sounded. Up next for Lisbon will be another home match up with the Columbiana Clippers on Thursday night. East Palestine returns to action on Wednesday at Toronto.


LISBON, OH – In a high-scoring basketball showdown, the Lisbon Blue Devils triumphed over the Heartland Christian Lions with a final score of 74-61. The game was a rollercoaster of intensity, showcasing impressive performances from both teams. The first quarter saw Heartland Christian taking an early lead, with a score of 18-15. Jake Walker and Will Morgan led the Lions’ offensive charge, setting a competitive tone. However, Lisbon quickly regrouped and shifted the momentum in the second quarter.

By halftime, Lisbon had turned the tide and surged ahead with a 40-36 lead. The dynamic duo of Hunter Dailey and Trevor Siefke powered Lisbon’s offensive resurgence. The Blue Devils showcased their versatility, combining sharp outside shooting with strong drives to the basket.

The third quarter further solidified Lisbon’s control of the game, as they extended their lead to 55-46. Heartland Christian continued to fight, with Jake Walker’s remarkable 37-point performance leading their offensive efforts. Will Morgan contributed 10 points, but Lisbon’s well-rounded team play proved difficult to overcome.

In the final stretch, Lisbon maintained their composure and executed strategically to secure the 74-61 victory. The combined efforts of Dailey and Siefke, along with a cohesive team performance, propelled the Blue Devils to success. Hunter Dailey finished the night with 23 points and Trevor Siefke added 19 points.

Up next for the Blue Devils will be a home match up with EOAC foe, East Palestine, on Tuesday night. Heartland Christian will take on the Jackson-Milton Bluejays on Tuesday as well.

Game Photos can be found HERE; https://ysn.smugmug.com/12-2-b-bb-lisbon-heartland/12-2-b-bb-lisbon-heartland/100EOS1D/


LISBON, OH-In a consolation matchup at the Lisbon Tip-Off Tournament, the Salem Quakers showcased their resilience on the basketball court, securing a convincing 49-31 victory over the Western Reserve Blue Devils.

Western Reserve would start off strong with an eight point lead heading into the second quarter.  The real story unfolded in the third frame when Salem blanked Reserve 18-0, and held on the seal the game in the fourth quarter.

Trent Fink proved to be a dominant force for Salem, leading all scorers with an impressive 16 points. Derek Oesch contributed 3 points, while three Quakers, namely Deontay Steele, Lance Bailey, and Evan Jones, each notched 6 points. Cam Sampson and Ben Severe added to the balanced scoring effort with 5 points each.

On the Western Reserve side, Connor Cochran led the Blue Devils with 9 points, displaying skill and determination on the court. Dominic Ricciardi contributed 8 points, while Josh Klasic added 4 points to the team’s total. Two Devils, Luke Henning and Andrew Hendricks, each scored three points.

The Quakers’ defensive tenacity and well-rounded offensive contributions paved the way for their success in the tournament. Salem’s ability to distribute scoring and limit the Blue Devils’ offensive opportunities was key to their commanding 18-point victory.