KINSMAN, OH- Duncan Moy, a standout basketball player from the Badger program, is making a significant impact in the world of high school basketball. Moy, known for his remarkable skills on the court, recently sat down with YSN for an exclusive interview, giving us a glimpse into his journey as a premier player.

The conversation highlighted Moy’s dedication to the game, with insights into his upbringing in a basketball-centric family and his deep-rooted love for the sport. He credited his parents and siblings for instilling a strong work ethic, emphasizing the importance of never giving anything less than his best effort.

In the interview, Moy reflected on his experiences and aspirations, shedding light on his love for the game and his relentless pursuit of excellence. With a focus on becoming an accountant, alongside his ambition to continue playing basketball at the collegiate level, Moy revealed his plans to join California University of Pennsylvania where he aims to make significant strides in his academic and athletic pursuits.

Furthermore, Moy spoke about the impact of his community and the support he has received throughout his high school career, emphasizing the importance of being a role model for younger players who look up to him.

Looking ahead, Moy expressed his desire to achieve success both on and off the court. From plans to pursue accolades in college basketball to a steadfast commitment to personal growth and leadership, Moy’s dedication stands as a testament to his future aspirations.

As he continues to navigate his senior year, Moy’s unwavering determination and exceptional skills make him a name to watch in the basketball world and beyond.

With a promising future ahead, Duncan Moy exemplifies the qualities of a true leader and athlete, leaving an indelible mark on the basketball community and inspiring those around him.