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EAST PALESTINE, OH- In the realm of high school volleyball, where talent and tenacity collide on the court, one exceptional athlete has emerged as the epitome of skill and leadership. Campbell Memorial Senior, Carla Ramirez-Ortiz, recently clinched the prestigious title of Baird Brothers Big Dog of the Year, triumphing in a resounding victory with over one hundred thousand votes in her favor. This accolade is a testament to Ramirez-Ortiz’s outstanding contributions to her team, her unparalleled skills, and the overwhelming support she enjoys from her community.

October’s MVAC Athlete of the Week, First Team All District, and First Team All MVAC, Ramirez-Ortiz has left an indelible mark on the volleyball scene. Her impact was not limited to individual accolades; she played a pivotal role in guiding her team to a program-best 19-6 record and a sectional championship. Ramirez-Ortiz’s leadership and on-court prowess were instrumental in Campbell Memorial’s success, marking a historic season for the Lady Red Devils.

One of the standout achievements in Ramirez-Ortiz’s illustrious career is surpassing the 2,000-assist milestone, a testament to her exceptional skill as a setter. Her precise and strategic playmaking has been a cornerstone of the team’s success, elevating the performance of her teammates and earning her the admiration of fans and opponents alike.

The Baird Brothers Big Dog of the Year title, secured with an overwhelming mandate from the community, is a fitting tribute to Ramirez-Ortiz’s dedication and passion for the sport. Her impact on and off the court extends beyond statistics; it is rooted in the leadership, sportsmanship, and commitment she brings to every game.

Ramirez-Ortiz’s journey to success has been characterized by hard work, resilience, and a love for the game. As she helped lead her team to new heights, her influence reached beyond the confines of the volleyball court, inspiring those around her to strive for excellence. The overwhelming support she received in the Big Dog of the Year vote is a reflection of the deep appreciation and respect her community holds for her contributions.

As Ramirez-Ortiz concludes her high school volleyball career with an impressive array of accomplishments, the Baird Brothers Big Dog of the Year title stands as a crowning achievement. It is not just an acknowledgment of her skill as a player but a recognition of the positive impact she has had on the Campbell Memorial volleyball program.

The future undoubtedly holds promising opportunities for Carla Ramirez-Ortiz, and her legacy will resonate in all  of high school volleyball. The Lady Red Devils will long remember the setter who orchestrated victories, shattered records, and exemplified the spirit of a true Baird Brothers Big Dog of the Year.


CAMPBELL, OH – Today on a very special dual player profile, Carla Ramirez Ortiz and Kendall Brunn join YSN’s own, Steve Leslie, at Tavern 26 to talk about their fantastic season this year. The Lady Red Devils finished the regular season 17-5 (10-4 in the MVAC) and are currently on a nine game winning streak! Not only that they discuss their individual successes also as Carla surpassed 2000 career assists this year and Kendall surpassed 1000 kills in her career. The girls preview their first round playoff match up with Liberty on October 17th as well!

Tune into this special dual player profile with Campbell Memorial Lady Red Devils volleyball stars, Carla Ramirez Ortiz and Kendrall Brunn!





CAMPBELL, OH – Campbell Memorial’s senior volleyball standouts, Kendall Brunn and Carla Ramirez-Ortiz, stopped by Tavern 26 this week to hang out with YSN’s very own, Steve Leslie, to talk about the start to the season and their plans for the rest of it.  The seniors discussed leadership and the role of being a captain and their time playing together.  

Check out this fun volleyball set with Campbell Memorial Lady Red Devils volleyball senior stars Kendall and Carla on YSNLive!



CAMPBELL OH- Another milestone has been reached in the volleyball world! This time around it came in Campbell as their setter Carla Ramirez-Ortiz. The area is stocked full of tremendous setters that have accomplished great things, so Ortiz is joining great company. She is a big reason for this program’s turnaround this season. After winning a tournament game last year, the Red Devils have continued their strong play. Under head coach Tyler Allen the Devils have burst on to the scene.  Carla has found a way to build a strong bond with all of her hitters. They have been playing together for so long that chemistry and rhythm is almost second nature. However, it wasn’t always that way. With English being Ortiz’s second language there has been a communication barrier to get through.  The family atmosphere of the Campbell volleyball program has made every obstacle Carla has faced easy to get by. Now that nothing else is in her way, you gotta sit back and watch the show.

Carla took the time to talk to YSN’s Anthony Hartwig about her milestone moment and how it felt to celebrate it with her team.  They also talk about her family, adversity she has had to face, and so much more. Red Devil fans have to check out the latest Campbell Volleyball Player Profile only on YSN!

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