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HOWLAND, OH- There isn’t much you can’t say glowingly about Howland’s Courtney Clark.  She’s a leader on and off the floor- has talent for days in multiple sports, has a great head on her shoulders, is stellar in the classroom, and last but not least- she’s a role model for younger student-athletes to model themselves to be like.

All that considered is just the header of this young lady’s resume.

Clark comes from military family background, as her dad serves.  With that, she’s been able to take on ordinary tasks and become extraordinary in many aspects of her life.  From leadership to being on time, down to how she keeps herself always active and fit for her specific MOS (military occupational specialty) that time of year.

And although Clark is trying to take things slow, she’s certainly exploring her options at the next level for track and field in the college ranks.  With that, she’s looking to leave a lasting impression in the hallways she walks in Howland before she has a PCS (permanent change of station) to her next home.

So tidy yourself up, stand (or sit) at attention and check out Howland’s newest Player Profile of Courtney Clark- only on YSN!