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CANFIELD OH- How many times does a roster get to say they feature a pair of siblings playing together for a common goal. It’s not as common as you’d think. Even more rare is the impact that we see both players make when looking at Canfield’s tandem of Marina and Kenzie Koenig.  Kenzie the senior, and Marina the sophomore have quickly made their presence felt in the Canfield program.  With just one season left playing together, the two sisters have treasured every moment they possibly could. With their similarities they also bring uniqueness to the group. Kenzie had leaned in to her vocal leadership position on the team. Like her fellow eight seniors she makes sure team chemistry stays tight knit.  While Kenzie takes care of team unity off the field, Marina leads on the field as the shortstop.  Even though she’s just a sophomore she confidently keeps her fellow infielders in position to make all the plays.  Canfield’s Koenig connection has carried them all the way to a state semifinal. The two sisters aren’t done making memories quite yet. They will fight like crazy to end the season holding up the biggest trophy.

Both Marina and Kenzie joined YSN CEO DJ Yokley to discuss their dynamic on and off the field. They also discuss how special this season has been, how much they’ve treasured sharing it with each other, and much more. Check out this exclusive Canfield Softball Player Profile only on YSN!

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