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Erie, PA- In a offense heavy contest at Erie McDowell High School, the Jefferson Falcons faced a formidable challenge against the Chartiers Valley Colts in the Marsh Roundball Classic. The game concluded with the Colts emerging victorious, securing a 100-83 win over the Falcons.

Despite the final score, the Falcons showcased an extraordinary offensive performance, led by the dynamic duo of Joey DeGeorge and Anthony Covetta. DeGeorge, with an outstanding 45 points, etched his name in the school record books, surpassing the previous record of 42 points set by Sam Hitchcock. Covetta also made a significant impact, contributing 31 points to the Falcons’ offensive efforts. Joel Navarro and Robbie Pisano scored 6 and 1 point respectively.

The Chartiers Valley Colts, boasting a 2-1 record, displayed a well-coordinated team effort that proved too much for the Falcons to overcome. The Colts’ victory in the Marsh Roundball Classic sets the stage for their upcoming matchup against the Obama Academy of International Studies Eagles (0-2) on 12/12/23, as they aim to build on their early-season success. The Colts were lead in scoring by the dynamic play of Jayden Davis who scored 29 and Julian Semplice who scored 23.

Despite the Falcons falling to a 0-3 record, the team remains resilient and determined to bounce back. Their next challenge awaits on the road as they face the Lakeside Dragons (0-1) on 12/13/23. It’s an opportunity for the Falcons to regroup and showcase their tenacity in pursuit of a comeback.

Fans can also look forward to an intriguing game between the Lakeside Dragons and the Grand Valley Mustangs on 12/09/23 at 6:30 pm, setting the stage for the Falcons’ clash with the Dragons. As the Falcons aim to turn their season around, each game becomes a crucial stepping stone in their journey.

As the Chartiers Valley Colts celebrate their victory, the Jefferson Falcons are gearing up for their next challenge, driven by the record-breaking performance of DeGeorge and the collective efforts of the team. The basketball season is a marathon, and with plenty of games ahead, the Falcons remain focused on their goal of success and improvement and hope that early season bruises will lead to post season success.