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CANFIELD OH- There’s a lot that goes in to starting a new program from scratch. South Range has become all too familiar with that this season, as they cut the ribbon on a girls golf program. In years before, girls had to compete on the boys team. Now, they’ll play against their peers and be given their best opportunity to thrive. At the helm of the program is head coach Meagan Frank. She has been talking about the start up process for a couple of years, and this season willed it in to existence.  Despite being in their first year as a program, South Range finished 3rd in the NE8 tournament.  There’s plenty of room for growth, but also plenty of reasons to look on the horizon with a smile.

Coach Frank was gracious enough to take the time to join YSN’s Running Point to talk about what all goes in to building up a new program. She talks about the support she’s gotten from the administration, some of the obstacles they’ve had to overcome, and much more. Check out the first ever Coach’s Corner to come out of South Range Girls Golf only on YSN!

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