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CANFIELD, OH- Preston Tolnar, a nine-year-old golf prodigy from Canfield, is hitting headlines as he prepares to compete at Augusta National for the prestigious Drive, Chip and Putt contest. This remarkable talent, already the talk of the town, is set to represent Mill Creek Golf Course at this distinguished event.

Preston, a fourth grader at Canfield, has already accumulated seven years of golfing experience, beginning at the tender age of two. His journey has led him to the opportunity to showcase his skills at Augusta National, a dream for many in the golfing world. The competition, organized by the PGA of America, the United States Golf Association, and the Augusta National Golf Club, invites young golfers to display their prowess in driving, chipping, and putting.

Brian Tolnar, Preston’s father, commends the contest as a vital initiative to foster youth interest in golf. Preston devotes his time to practice after school, honing his skills both on the green and in the classroom, where he excels in science, social studies, and math. Besides his dedication to golf, Preston is a multi-sport athlete with a passion for basketball and football.

This exceptional young golfer, a Phil Mickelson enthusiast, is humbly looking forward to the upcoming contest at Augusta National. Preston’s family, along with his local community, eagerly anticipates his upcoming participation in the event, as they rally behind him, cheering for success and a memorable experience.

As Preston sets his sights on the 18th green at Augusta, he embodies the embodiment of youthful ambition and sportsmanship that has made the Youngstown community proud. We wish Preston Tolnar the best of luck as he prepares to tee off at Augusta National in this exciting chapter of his golfing journey.



MINERAL RIDGE, OH- Mineral Ridge’s own rising basketball star, 8th grader Kadence Conaway, sat down with YSN’s DJ Yokley at the Post Office Pub to discuss her impressive athletic achievements and aspirations for the future.

Conaway boasts an outstanding record of 18 wins and 14 undefeated games in the league, with a back-to-back championship under her belt from 7th grade. Looking toward high school, she candidly expresses excitement and nerves about the heightened competition but is committed to working hard to elevate her game.

When asked about her strengths and areas of improvement, Conaway highlighted her proficiency in driving to the hoop and emphasized the need for more confidence and skill in ball handling. With a strong sense of teamwork and a deep understanding of her teammates’ playing styles, this young athlete prides herself on her ability to read the court and anticipate her teammates’ movements.

Expressing her love for the sport, Conaway revealed her dreams of playing college basketball, inspired by her favorite player, Caitlin Clark. Her cherished memories of celebrating victories with her team and family display her passion for the sport and the close bonds formed through their shared success.

With family at the core of her support system, Conaway acknowledges her dad’s coaching influence and her mom’s mentorship in perfecting plays. As she looks ahead to the future, this determined athlete is focused on making further strides in high school and continuing to chase her basketball dreams.

As the interview concluded, Conaway expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming summer ball and future endeavors, leaving the Mineral Ridge community eager to witness her continued growth on the court.

Kadence Conaway’s unwavering dedication and talent undoubtedly position her as a standout prospect for future basketball success.



PEPPER PIKE, OH- Liv Jackson, the senior center power forward for the Orange Lady Lions basketball team, recently sat down for an exclusive interview on YSN to discuss her experiences and aspirations as a talented athlete and driven student. During the interview, Liv shared her excitement for making the most of her senior year and creating lasting memories with her teammates and friends before embarking on her college journey.

With her eyes set on a career in the medical field as an orthopedic surgeon, Liv’s passion for medicine and surgery shone brightly as she expressed her desire to contribute to the ongoing discoveries in the field.

On the basketball court, Liv’s competitive drive and resilience were evident as she described her approach to the game, including her determination to be more aggressive and develop a more unpredictable playing style. She highlighted her strengths in finishing layups and rebounding, while also acknowledging the need to work on turning her weaknesses into strengths.

As a leader on the team, Liv emphasized the importance of radiating confidence and being a supportive friend to her teammates, offering advice and encouragement to the underclassmen and stressing the value of staying true to oneself, a virtue she learned from her mother.

Looking ahead to a special moment at Rocket Mortgage Field House, Liv expressed her eagerness to play in such a grand stadium, embracing the opportunity to shine on a larger stage.

Liv’s humility, determination, and respect for her family, particularly her mother, serve as a testament to her character and drive to succeed both on and off the court. Her positive outlook and leadership qualities make her a role model for her peers and aspiring athletes.

As she continues to make her mark both in basketball and academia, Liv Jackson illustrates the power of determination, resilience, and humility, embodying the spirit of a true athlete and scholar. Her journey serves as an inspiration to all those who strive for excellence in their pursuits.






BOARDMAN, OH- In today’s episode, we have a special player profile featuring Tomas Andujar, a standout athlete from Boardman High School.

Despite facing some challenges this season, Tomas has always had a positive outlook and made the best out of every situation. We’ll hear about his resilience, his road to recovery, and how he continues to inspire his teammates both on and off the field. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into Tomas’s journey and learn about his aspirations for the future.

This is an episode you don’t want to miss!




CANFIELD, OH- In today’s episode, titled “Canfield Football Coach’s Corner: Ep 4 with Mike Pavlansky,” we have a special guest joining us, Coach Mike Pavlansky himself.

We dive deep into the recent tough game against Olmstead Falls and the lessons learned from it. But there’s no time to dwell on the past because this week is all about the intense rivalry between Canfield and Poland.

Coach Pavlansky shares his insights on the upcoming game and reminisces about his favorite memories from past matchups. And, of course, we can’t forget about the competitiveness within the Pavlansky household.



CANFIELD, OH- Just to be back on the field is where Kam Aquisto wanted to be.  Season after season was a disappointment after putting in the work to be on the field, and each year a ‘freak’ injury kept him from being able to accomplish his athletic goals.  2023 is where we bring you the most intriguing stories of young athletes defying the odds and conquering the game. In today’s episode, we delve into the inspiring journey of Kam Aquisto, a high school football player who has overcome multiple injuries to become a standout player on his team during his senior campaign.

From a devastating leg injury to a torn ACL, Kam’s resilience and determination have propelled him forward. Join us as we explore his mindset, his unwavering support system, and his incredible comeback. Get ready to be inspired by Kam Aquisto’s story on this episode of YSN.