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HUBBARD OH- Every now and then you come across a softball player who can seemingly do a little bit of everything. If you go watch Hubbard this year you’ll find a perfect example of that in junior Phoebe Rusnak. Phoebe is Hubbard’s jack of all trades. They can definitely trust her throwing in the circle, she has a good glove when she’s not in the circle and instead in the field, and she is one of the Eagles most important hitters in the lineup. As you can imagine to get that versatile you have to put in the time. Simply put, it’s going to be very hard to out work Rusnak.  She strives every day to make sure that if you do get the better of her, it’s not going to be because you out worked her. That’s just the competitive drive she was built with. It also helps that she’s in an ultra competitive family that is constantly pushing her to be better. That drive to be great has trickled down to the younger players on the team.  Now you can see Rusnak’s handprints everywhere in the program.

Rusnak was kind enough to take the time to talk with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig about her junior season. They talk about now being one of the older players on the team, what being a leader means to her, and so much more. Check out the latest Hubbard Softball Player Profile only on YSN!

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