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By Ty Bartell

AUSTINTOWN OH- Be on the lookout Austintown-Fitch Falcons softball fans, there is a new everyday second basemen in town and her name is Sam Severn!

Working as a designated player much of last year, Severn found herself at a bridge point in the lineup, where her bat made her an everyday ball player for the state championship Falcons. Fast forward to this year and even more responsibility rests on her shoulders, taking the reins of a defensive spot on the field over at second base following the graduation of Caitlin Mitchell a year ago.

Severn may seem shy at first, but that is exactly what she wants you to think, for a competitive fire burns inside the junior at temperatures like no other! While everyone else is getting hype pregame, you can find Severn locking in a different way, often keeping to herself, getting focused and lighting that fire.

Batting at the seven spot in a stacked Austintown lineup, Severn has started off the season with a hot swing, batting an impressive .474 at the time of this article, Severn has found herself an everyday home on both sides of the ball. Always working and striving to be the best she can be. As Severn continues her progression, I would advise not to get too close, you might get burned!

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AUSTINTOWN OH- If you know the sport of softball, you know for a team to be elite they have to have a lineup that is consistent 1-9.  In a deep lineup there are different roles each position plays. One of the overlooked but very important parts of a lineup is smack dab in the middle. In the spot after Fitch’s lead off and clean up hitters, but before the power at the bottom of the order there’s a space that can serve as a bridge. A new table setter for the second half of the batting order. All season that responsibility has been put on Sam Severn.

Severn is an exceptional leader in her sophomore season. She brings the experience of playing in a regional final a year ago. With plenty of young or new players on the roster, it’s players like Severn who help the Falcons set the tone.  She knows exactly what it takes to get back to that round, and to even take the next step.

Severn has played in every game this year for Fitch and currently has a batting average of .364.  She has hit 1 home run, 1 triple, and 5 doubles.  As said at the top of the article Severn does a great job setting the table for the power and production Fitch has at the bottom half of the order. Because of that, she gets to come around the bases a lot. Sam has scored 16 runs on the season.


Severn took the time to talk with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig to discuss her season. They talked about the transition between freshman and sophomore season, how she’s become a leader to the new faces on the field, and so much more. Check out the latest Fitch Softball Player Profile exclusively on YSN!

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