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CANFIELD, OH- Preston Tolnar, a nine-year-old golf prodigy from Canfield, is hitting headlines as he prepares to compete at Augusta National for the prestigious Drive, Chip and Putt contest. This remarkable talent, already the talk of the town, is set to represent Mill Creek Golf Course at this distinguished event.

Preston, a fourth grader at Canfield, has already accumulated seven years of golfing experience, beginning at the tender age of two. His journey has led him to the opportunity to showcase his skills at Augusta National, a dream for many in the golfing world. The competition, organized by the PGA of America, the United States Golf Association, and the Augusta National Golf Club, invites young golfers to display their prowess in driving, chipping, and putting.

Brian Tolnar, Preston’s father, commends the contest as a vital initiative to foster youth interest in golf. Preston devotes his time to practice after school, honing his skills both on the green and in the classroom, where he excels in science, social studies, and math. Besides his dedication to golf, Preston is a multi-sport athlete with a passion for basketball and football.

This exceptional young golfer, a Phil Mickelson enthusiast, is humbly looking forward to the upcoming contest at Augusta National. Preston’s family, along with his local community, eagerly anticipates his upcoming participation in the event, as they rally behind him, cheering for success and a memorable experience.

As Preston sets his sights on the 18th green at Augusta, he embodies the embodiment of youthful ambition and sportsmanship that has made the Youngstown community proud. We wish Preston Tolnar the best of luck as he prepares to tee off at Augusta National in this exciting chapter of his golfing journey.



YOUNGSTOWN, OH- Each week, Mill Creek MetroParks Golf Expert, Brian Tolnar brings you tips to up your game on the links.

This week, Brian digs into his bag to discuss the art of hybrid clubs, and when, where, and how you should use them on the course!

Sharpen your pencil, and jot down some notes to help your game the next time you’re chasing the white ball around.



YOUNGSTOWN, OH- Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, and with that, many start cleaning their clubs and putting them away until the spring.

Not so fast, my friends.

Mill Creek Metropark PGA Golf and Recreation Director, Brian Tolnar would advise you that there are plenty of opportunities still to advance your game even when the temps start to dip.

We caught up with the YSN Golf Guru to discuss the ways to watch your golf score fall with the leaves this season on this week’s Tolnar’s Take.