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COLUMBIANA, OH- The Crestview High School volleyball program stands as a shining example of excellence, achieving remarkable success both on and off the court. As the curtain falls on another stellar season, Crestview proudly announces the outstanding achievements that have solidified its reputation as a powerhouse in Ohio high school volleyball.

All Ohio Accolades Speak Volumes

The recognition of three Crestview players on the prestigious All-Ohio Volleyball Team is a testament to the exceptional talent within the program. Senior Grace Auer, and junior Abbey Emch, earned coveted spots on the All Ohio 1st Team, showcasing their skill, dedication, and impact on the court. Adding to this honor, Alaina Auer, a sophomore, received a well-deserved All Ohio Honorable Mention, underlining the depth of talent within the Crestview volleyball ranks.

The trio’s success at the state level not only reflects their individual prowess but also underscores the comprehensive strength of the Crestview program in nurturing and developing top-tier athletes across all grade levels.

Alisha Auer: A Coach of Distinction

Behind the scenes, the driving force of Crestview’s volleyball triumphs is Head Coach Alisha Auer. Her outstanding coaching acumen and leadership have been recognized by the State Coaches Association, which bestowed upon her the prestigious State Coaches Achievement Award. A testament to her dedication and impact on the sport, this award solidifies Auer’s status as a coaching luminary in Ohio high school volleyball.

Alisha Auer’s influence extends beyond accolades; it permeates the culture of Crestview volleyball. As a coach, she not only imparts technical skills but also instills a winning mentality, teamwork, and sportsmanship in her players. Her commitment to excellence has not only produced stellar athletes but has shaped individuals who embody the values of Crestview both on and off the court.

League Dominance: A Tradition at Crestview

Crestview’s volleyball program is synonymous with league championships, and Alisha Auer and her coaching staff has been the guiding force behind this sustained success. The program boasts an impressive list of league championships, reflecting the consistency and dominance that Crestview brings to the volleyball scene.

From TCL in 2004 and 2005 to MVAC in 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023, Crestview has left an indelible mark on every league it has been a part of. Notably, the team secured league championships in two different leagues in 2018, a feat that highlights the adaptability and resilience ingrained in Crestview’s volleyball culture.

All-Star Recognition: Crestview Shines Bright in Wooster

Adding a crowning jewel to Crestview’s illustrious season, Alisha Auer had the honor of coaching the All-Star match in Wooster, where Grace Auer also showcased her skills as a player on Alisha’s team. This recognition on the All-Star stage further cements Crestview’s status as a breeding ground for top-tier volleyball talent.

In the wake of these achievements, Crestview’s volleyball program stands tall, a beacon of excellence in Ohio high school volleyball. The dedication of players like Grace Auer, Abbey Emch, and Alaina Auer, combined with the coaching prowess of Alisha Auer, has positioned Crestview as a force to be reckoned with, both now and in the seasons to come. The legacy of success, league championships, and individual accolades speaks volumes about Crestview’s commitment to shaping not just great athletes, but outstanding individuals who carry the spirit of Crestview with pride.