2023 Fall Northeast 8 Athletic Conference Champions / Selections

Team Champion(s): South Range

Full Name School Full Name School

Player(s) of the Year Antuan Gardner Niles McKinley


Tuff McConahy Girard QB
Blake Ewert South Range RB
Cole Fulton Poland Seminary RB
Stephen Sims Girard WR
Brady Crumbacher South Range WR
Anthony Carter Struthers TE/Ath.
Chris Macioce Niles McKinley OL
Lucas Seese Hubbard OL
Sam Belest Lakeview OL
Gus Valentine South Range OL
Caleb Sakara Struthers OL
Jas Stefancin Poland Seminary K
Logan Butcher South Range P
Domenico Simone Girard Ret.


Nick Bowser Hubbard DL
Allen Hess Cardona Girard DL
Kamron Aquisto South Range DL
Alex Stefek Poland Seminary DL
Ahmad Curd-Stephens Girard LB
Luke Starkey South Range LB
Devin Braham Struthers LB
Danny Nittoli Poland Seminary LB
Andrew Brown Lakeview DB
Tristan Toy South Range DB
Jason Dukes Struthers DB
Andrew Todd Poland Seminary DB


Dom Pagano Poland Seminary QB
Garland Warren Hubbard RB
Joe Smith Niles McKinley RB
Anthony Bengala Girard WR
Kris Hrosar Niles McKinley WR

Jake Nicholas Lakeview TE/Ath.
Gabe Hamrock Hubbard OL
Dom Vince Girard OL
Tyler Canfield Poland Seminary OL
Vince Biola Struthers OL
Cam Carr South Range OL
Zack Morris Girard K
Braydon Songer Hubbard P
Dylan Smesko South Range Ret.


Isaac Griffith Girard DL
Landon Hall Lakeview DL
Oliver McCully Poland Seminary DL
Carter Waldren Niles McKinley DL
Nolan Toth Lakeview LB
D'Onte Williams Niles McKinley LB
Matt Boccieri Poland Seminary LB
Aidan Dominguez South Range LB
Michael Hazimihalis Hubbard DB
Samuel Gillis Lakeview DB
Paul Greco Poland Seminary DB
Gaven Nagy South Range DB
Vito Komara Poland Seminary DB

Team Champion(s): Lakeview

Player(s) of the Year Bree Latell Girard

Reagan Price Lakeview
Mallory Mailach Lakeview
Bailey Walters Girard
Peytyn Slovesko Hubbard
Anna Toy South Range
Scarlet Horvath Struthers
Bella Khoury Poland Seminary


Molly Stuart Lakeview
Nico Cochran Girard
Lauren Komorek Hubbard

Sarah Kuhns South Range
Mickayla Taaffe Struthers
Natalie Burosky Struthers
Hallie Capan Lakeview

Team Champion(s): Poland Seminary

Player(s) of the Year Angelo Rinaldi Poland Seminary


Michael Garwacki South Range
Michael Chambers Poland Seminary
Jason DeMonica Lakeview
Jack Carey South Range
Garrett Brajkovich Hubbard


Matthew Morrone Poland Seminary
Luke Rohan South Range
Griffin Pahanish South Range
Gabe Rusnak Hubbard
Matthew Shelley Girard

Team Champion(s): Poland Seminary

Player(s) of the Year Chloe Puhl South Range


Malorie Oyler Hubbard
Cassie Klotz Lakeview
Kelli Kover Niles McKinley
Nina Gordon Poland Seminary
Kylie Kapics Poland Seminary


Julia Ragozzino Girard
Kennedy Perline Hubbard
Olivia Loftus Poland Seminary
Delaney Godfrey Lakeview

Bethany Witmer South Range

Team Champion(s): Hubbard

Player(s) of the Year Michael Daley Poland Seminary


Logan Butcher South Range
Caleb MacKay Hubbard
Brandon Toot Lakeview
Andreas Tsikouris Poland Seminary
Jacob Gugliotta Girard
Ben Bradley Lakeview
AJ Lisko Poland Seminary
Vinny Maiorca Hubbard
Luca Regule South Range
Jacob Williams Girard
Alex Williams Girard


First Name Last Name School
Barnabe Duhautois South Range
Trent Reinard Hubbard
Jack Staffeld South Range
Skevos Tsikouris Poland Seminary
Andrew Whitfield Girard
Quinn Bulick Poland Seminary
Maddox Ifft Hubbard
Lucas Manzo Hubbard
Matthew Matiste Poland Seminary
Caden McConnell South Range
Anthony Marble-Salem Lakeview

Team Champion(s): Poland Seminary

Player(s) of the Year Sophia Generalovich Poland Seminary


Lorelai Lowe Lakeview
Cali Rodgers Niles McKinley
Taylor Bickerstaff Niles McKinley

Kiley Hamady Hubbard
Ava Blinsky Poland Seminary
Mary Brant Poland Seminary
Maddie Yost Niles McKinley
Leah Clark Lakeview
Natalie Tate Niles McKinley
Angelina Carcelli Struthers
Leanne Williams Poland Seminary


Lexa Tovtin Struthers
Giana Schubert Girard
Devin Sauerwein South Range
Daphne Hendrix Hubbard
Annabelle Humphrey Lakeview
Caitlyn Niemeyer Girard
Rheanna Barr Hubbard
Lauren Coss Poland Seminary
Lilah Angus South Range
Ava Croyle Struthers
Ava Hipple Lakeview

Team Champion(s): Lakeview

Player(s) of the Year Emmitt Slabach South Range


Anthony Marble-Salem Lakeview
Charles Reigrut South Range
Jake Langmeyer Lakeview
Griffin Oravec Lakeview
Evan Hyde Lakeview
Max Freeze South Range
Trent Miller Lakeview


Jaden Kropp Lakeview
Caleb Baun South Range
Mason Wheeler Lakeview
Luke Whitmore Lakeview
Marcus Grube Lakeview

Xavier Winner South Range
Malachi Sweeney Poland Seminary

Team Champion(s): Poland Seminary

Player(s) of the Year Jalyn Deleon Lakeview


Mila Milosevic Poland Seminary
Jackie Skruck Hubbard
Sydney Penick South Range
Giana Sabatino Girard
Kennedy Henderson Poland Seminary
Kate Harrell Poland Seminary
Sara White Poland Seminary


Kendall Yankey Girard
Emma Purton South Range
Jocelyne Salaty Poland Seminary
Isabella Smith South Range
Abigail Baun South Range
Ava Sabatino Girard
Rebecca Ruthrauff South Range

Team Champion(s): Struthers

Player(s) of the Year Lucienne Hopps Poland Seminary


Ava Croyle Struthers
Clare Coppola Struthers
Gabby Russell Struthers
Cameron Silverman Girard
Sophia Shuster Lakeview


Avah Rodgers Niles McKinley
Cadence Shorthouse Struthers

Lauren Shaw Poland Seminary
Sofia Elia Poland Seminary
Ella Yarabenetz Lakeview


NEW WILMINGTON, PA- One of the most historic colleges in Western Pennsylvania will be receiving a boost in sports coverage this year. Westminster College and Your Sports Network will work together to provide further coverage through Westminster Cable Network (WCN) Titan Radio, and

“I owe much of what I do, and who I am to my time at Westminster College.  My education was highlighted with the hands on experiences in and out of the classroom, but greater than that, the support of the professors, peers, and alumni made the difference in who I believed I could be,” said YSN Founder and CEO DJ Yokley.

Yokley, who is a 2007 Graduate of WC was a beneficiary of the award-winning broadcasting communications track during his time, and sees the pairing of his network and Westminster’s programs as a chance to bolster coverage and experience for all.  “This isn’t just a feel-good project, we’re on a mission together to provide increased coverage for student-athletes, real-world opportunities for student workers, and to feature opportunities to receive a world-class education on a campus that is not far from the majority of our viewers,” added Yokley.

WCN and Titan Radio have been the home for Titan Sports for decades, in addition to Westminster athletic events, the programming includes high school football on Friday night, as well as Coach’s interviews, player interviews, and fully detailed news programming for the the campus and those in Lawrence County.  “DJ’s success and what he has built is inspirational on so many fronts. He and I share a passion for local sports, and partnering with the YSN brand provides valuable visibility and recognition for the great work our students are doing” said Technical Operations Manager of WCN and Titan Radio, Gary Swanson.  “DJ’s passion, professionalism, and creativity is infectious. Having both him and the YSN team available as a resource and outlet for our broadcast students provides concrete examples of the things we illustrate in the classroom and lab. The expanded exposure across Ohio will be a huge benefit to our students, athletes, and programs. It provides them with professional networking, experience and an open stage to showcase the spectacular broadcasting opportunities and the incredible D-3 athletics environment available here at Westminster.”

Dr. David Barner is a featured leader in the classroom, but double was the voice of the Titans on WWNW for over 30 years.”Partnering with YSN opens up a whole new audience for Titan athletics in Northeast Ohio” said Barner.  “Students at Westminster will be exposed to new streaming technologies while gaining access to and support from DJ Yokley, a Westminster alum who is a leader in operating a streaming network.”
The audio stream will be available at, and


EAST PALESTINE, OH- For most anybody who has been privy to Your Sports Network for the last few years, you’ll know one name that has been in the mix, and serving in many roles at the company: Chris Sigler.

Now, the sports streaming powerhouse just got a lot stronger by making things official with Sigler, and incorporating him into the administration as Assistant General Manager of YSN.

“Chris has been involved daily in some capacity since I met him.  He’s a brilliant strategist, but more importantly to me- his heart and soul is with the student-athletes at every school we serve,” said YSN CEO, and Founder, DJ Yokley.

Steve Leslie, who enters his sixth year as General Manager of the network added “Chris brings so much knowledge and energy into our YSN family.  I look forward to working daily with him and helping grow the brand and maximize the potential for our schools and organizations.”

Sigler worked within leadership at the YMCA from 2001-2008 before embarking on a new journey, but Chris has always known his heart remains in sports, specifically with youth.

“It’s very humbling to have an opportunity to be part of an organization that works to diligently promote our young athletes,” said Sigler.  “It has always been a passion of mine to help bring attention to our student-athletes, I am very excited to be able to continue this journey with YSN.”

Previously, you could hear Sigler as a broadcaster for United, Beaver Local, and many other schools on YSN.

Chris will continue to help YSN climb as one of the premier sports streaming/broadcasting companies in the country as the network enters its seventh year- serving over 23.6 million views in that span.


EAST PALESTINE, OH- The Stars will be out in full force this summer as YSN will host it’s annual Baseball and Softball All-Star Games, respectively, in late June.

The Baseball ASG will again be hosted by the immaculate Bob Cene Park in Struthers, as players from over 60 schools plan on attending the Summer Classic.

As always, the YSN All-Star game is an opportunity to give back to local organizations that serve children, and communities in multiple capacities.  This season, YSN will be partnering up with The Fellowship of Christian Athletes – Steel Valley in order to help several campaigns they’re running in order to help student-athletes seeking their methods of engaging, equipping, and empowering coaches and athletes to know and grow in Christ and lead others to do the same.

Every dollar raised through ticket sales will be directly contributed to the efforts of FCA-Steel Valley to help with huddles, camps, and other missions throughout their ministry.

“All-Star Games are one of my favorite things we do.  The opportunity to give back to such a great organization is something we take great pride in at YSN.  Thanks to all our schools, supporters, and fans for supporting our brand- so we can support others,” said Steve Leslie, General Manager of YSN.  “Hats off to FCA and all they do, we’re very proud to be able to contribute toward their goal to continue to enrich our student-athletes.”

“FCA is the ‘Heart and Soul in Sports.’  Partnering with YSN to nurture this motto in each of our communities is a match made in Heaven and a natural expression of our love for each of the communities we serve together,” said FCA Area Director, Bob Kimpel.  “We’re thankful for the support through these games.”

The Baseball ASG will take place on June 24th at 7pm, while the girls will shine bright on the campus of Youngstown State University on June 28th at 7pm.

Tickets will be $5 at the gate.



CANFIELD, OH- The list of South Range Football Head Coaches just received another gold star for their program on Wednesday night.  After board approval, David Rach has been chosen to take over the whistle for the Raider Football Program.

Rach served as the Defensive Coordinator for the State Championship squad, as well as in years prior, and is a 2007 graduate of South Range, and is regarded highly as one of the program’s elite players in the five decades of existence.

“I am so thankful to the South Range administration and board of education for awarding me the opportunity to lead the South Range Football program moving forward,” said David Rach. “My family and I would also like to thank Coach, Kelli, and the entire Yeagley family for all of their love, support, guidance, and friendship over the years and throughout this transition,” Rach added.

Dan Yeagley, who retired from the position just a month ago speaks highly of his former player and coach who now takes the torch for the burgundy and gold, “Dave is a great leader and coach, and an even better young man.  He really cares about the players and he has been a huge part of our success over the years.  He and his family have been very supportive of South Range, and I am looking forward to watching the program grow under his leadership.”

Rach will take over the Raiders coming off of a State Championship in Division V, but will have his hands full in replacing 20 seniors from the class.  It is expected that South Range will also keep the majority, if not all of the coaching staff intact for the upcoming season.

The first-year coach undoubtedly seems excited about representing the next generation of Raider Coaches, “Thank you to the players, parents, coaching staff, and entire ‘Raider Family’ for inspiring me, believing in me, and trusting me. I am humbled, proud, and so excited to be your coach. Go Raiders!”

South Range opens up their 2023 campaign against the Springfield Tigers in August.


WARREN, OH- The next chapter in John F. Kennedy Catholic School football begins today. After meeting with our team this morning, Mr. Joseph Kenneally, President, announces that Mr. Damon Buente has been selected as the Head Varsity Football Coach. He says, “I am thrilled that Damon will take the reins of the Kennedy Football Program. A number of talented coaches applied for this position and, ultimately, we believe Coach Buente is the person to guide our program into the future. I appreciate the fact that he has an established relationship with our players and program continuity for our team was critical in our decision process. Coach Buente will continue our proud tradition of teaching players to be leaders of courage, integrity, and dedication on the field and in the classroom.”

Coach Buente has 11 years of varsity experience as a strength conditioning coach, offensive coordinator, and coaching both sides of the ball during his career at both Canfield and Western Reserve High Schools. Since 2014 he has also coached Track as an assistant and head coach at Western Reserve and most recently joined the 2022 Kennedy Football staff as a Varsity Assistant Coach and 2023 Assistant Track Coach. Coach Buente says of his appointment, “I am forever grateful for the mentorship and guidance that Coach Prologo gave to me and my peers. While growing up, I gave him every reason to give up on me as a player and he never did. How lucky I am to pick up the torch at a program like JFK. I’m very fortunate and excited to get to work with our team.”

Coach Buente is a 2012 graduate of Miami University and has taught both high school and junior high at Western Reserve Local Schools since 2014. He serves as a member of the District Autism Awareness Team and Trauma Informed Care Team.

Questions can be directed to President Joseph Kenneally at 330-369-1804 or [email protected].


EAST PALESTINE, OH- Since 2018, odds are when you tuned into Your Sports Network throughout the year, you heard the golden voice of Canfield’s Richie Juliano.

Juliano, who dedicated his life to working toward his dream of sports broadcasting is a natural in every sense of the word, but also folds in an outstanding work ethic to separate what he does, and how he does it from everybody else.  Richie could be tuned into for Youngstown State University Baseball games, as well as the Mahoning Valley Scrappers during the summers.

“Richie is like a little brother to me in many regards, we’ve been very fortunate to see him grow as a broadcaster, but more importantly as a great young man right before our very eyes,” says YSN CEO and Founder, DJ Yokley.  “I can’t wait to see him accomplish his dreams at every level, because he will…” Yokley added.

Juliano will take his talents to the Tennessee Smokies, a Double-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs farm system.  It’s been Richie’s lifelong goal to announce in the Major Leagues, and this first stop looks to be a great opportunity for his young and promising career.  Much like his position at YSN, Juliano will wear many hats in a team-oriented atmosphere to accomplish tasks outside of just being the voice of a fanbase.

Juliano departs for Tennessee on April 1st, his final broadcast before his departure is set for the YSN Basketball All-Star game at Beeghly Center on March 25th.


COLUMBIANA, OH- For the last 24 years, the sidelines of Crestview High School football have been roamed by the creative mind of Paul Cusick.

Today, Cusick decided to turn in the whistle, and signature visor that he was always identified by.

The decision comes after much deliberation and thought with family and close friends.

In his time- Crestview went 177-86 overall, accrued 11 league championships, and made the playoffs in 17 of those years at the helm.

Cusick now has an all-time record of 185-108 in his career.

As he steps away from the gridiron for now, Cusick will keep his duties as Crestview Athletic Director and will help lead the search for his replacement in the coming weeks.



The Austintown Fitch Athletic Department has announced the hiring of Todd Burkey to its athletic training staff. Burkey will assist Anne Marenkovic who has been the full time trainer since July 2021. This makes Austintown the only school district in the area to have two certified athletic trainers on staff and both Marenkovic and Burkey recognize the benefits that come with it. “Having a second athletic trainer will help the entire Fitch athletic program,” Marenkovic said. “Another pair of eyes, ears and hands will only raise the level of care we are able to provide to our student-athletes. There are many days when Austintown hosts multiple athletic events at multiple venues on the campus and having two athletic trainers means that we can better cover those events in the case of any injury or emergency.” Burkey echoed the sentiment. “Austintown Fitch is the largest school district in the area. The number of student-athletes is impressive but could become overwhelming for a single person,” he said. “That is a lot of responsibility. Can you imagine trying to evaluate injuries, taping & bandaging, and maybe then injury rehabilitation for 600 student athletes? That’s tough. That’s where I can help.”

Marenkovic also points out another major advantage that a second certified athletic trainer gives the students, citing the fact that it will enable them to better serve the student-athletes through the implementation of more intensive injury prevention and injury rehabilitation programs. The goals of which will be reducing time lost to injuries and improving their outcomes after they return to play in a way that wasn’t possible with a single athletic trainer due to the number of athletes in the school district. “The ability to focus on rehabilitation and post-injury therapy will be one of the biggest benefits to the athletic program and the athletes, and one I think everyone will notice pretty quickly,” she said.

Burkey comes to Austintown after what some might call living out an Olympic dream. During his nearly two decades at Youngstown State where he worked with multiple teams in a variety of roles as either a strength and conditioning coach or athletic trainer, he befriended a graduate student who was a Chinese National working in the sports medicine program. “He had some struggles that I was able to help him with and we became very close. So close that he was pretty much part of my family,” Burkey explained. “When he graduated and returned home he promised that he would bring me to China. I didn’t realize that with his connections that would culminate to the Olympics.” Burkey was hired in 2021 by the Chinese Winter Sports Federation as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Chinese Women’s National Hockey Team. Although the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on the Olympics and the traditional pomp and circumstance of the event, Burkey says it’s still something that he won’t soon forget. “The entire experience was surreal,” he said. “Walking into the arena the first time was an awing moment.”

Having worked with athletes of all ages starting at the high school level and moving on to the collegiate, professional, and now Olympic levels, Burkey admits it is a great benefit. “I think the overall combination of these experiences sheds a unique perspective on the progression and development of athletes with some of the top sports medicine techniques,” he said. He also mentioned being able to adapt to the needs of the athletes based on his experience. “Traveling around Europe and Asia with the Olympic Team, we did not have complete access to some of the advanced equipment we had at the Olympic Training Center in Beijing, so we had to be creative and adaptable.”

Marenkovic says she is looking forward to working with Burkey and learning from his combined experience. “I am really excited to be able to benefit from the knowledge Todd gained working with Olympic athletes as well as all of the techniques, skills and wisdom he has learned throughout his career. His experience at that elite level will definitely help us to continue to build and raise up the sports medicine program in Austintown,” she said. “Austintown is one of the largest districts in the area and we have amazing athletes, who will only benefit from the additional knowledge and care of a second experienced athletic trainer.”

“Being the only school in the area to have two athletic trainers demonstrates the commitment of the school district and the athletic department to the health, safety, and success of the student athletes,” Marenkovic said. Burkey agreed and admitted that it was one of the things that drew him to the position. “Austintown Fitch has a vision for progressing their facilities and athletic programs. I feel like I have enough experience to be part of that. So I am excited to see where we can go together.” He also noted the standard that is being set by the school’s athletic department. “The decision to have two full time athletic trainers shows that Austintown Fitch is making a commitment to the student-athletes of Austintown. There are few schools in Ohio that have taken that initiative.”

The sports medicine staff has been busy this offseason and things will only get busier as the fall sports season is upon us. But with a second certified athletic trainer now on hand to take on some of the responsibilities, the student-athletes at Fitch will benefit greatly from the expanded program.

*Contributed By Chris Lewis at


EAST PALESTINE, OH- Your Sports Network and the Presidents Athletic Conference Sports Network are teaming up to better serve the local sports scene moving forward.

Fans that have been accustomed to the great content, streams, and broadcasts on both networks will now have the opportunity to expand their horizons through amateur, high school, and college sports beginning this fall.

YSN, which covers youth and high school sports will now help present the broadcasts from PACSN to their loyal viewers, as contests from the Presidents Athletic Conference (Division III, NCAA) will be hyperlinked on the “Live” page of throughout the year.

“As a former Division III athlete, I understand how important it is to so many to continue their academic and athletic careers beyond high school.  I feel that the PAC is one of the elite conferences in all of the NCAA, and am grateful that Joe (Onderko) and Randy (Gore) see the value of introducing their brands to our fans at YSN,” said YSN CEO/Founder DJ Yokley.

The PAC Sports Network began broadcasting in Fall 2011, designed to showcase athletics in the Presidents’ Athletic Conference. Over the years PACSN has streamed numerous live championship events in the PAC, including men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s lacrosse, women’s volleyball, baseball, and softball. Full-time PAC members in coverage include Allegheny, Bethany, Chatham, Franciscan, Geneva, Grove City, Saint Vincent, Thiel, Washington & Jefferson, Waynesburg, and Westminster. Affiliate members in football include Carnegie Mellon and Case Western Reserve. In addition to championship broadcasts, the PAC Sports Network also features the PAC Basketball Game of the Week, which includes a 30-game regular-season slate and full-week conference tournament coverage. 

“We’re extremely excited about our new partnership with YSN,” said PAC Sports Network Owner, Randy Gore. “With YSN’s presence and exceptional coverage of Eastern Ohio athletics, we’re proud to collaborate with DJ (Yokley) and introduce his outstanding sports network to our fanbase in the PAC and member schools.”  

The partnership will begin in the Fall of 2022 and promises to be fruitful for sports fans, and enthusiasts from around the world who appreciate top-level talent from across the country.