COLUMBIANA OH- In a day filled with excitement and outstanding golf, the Columbiana girls’ golf team showcased their talent and determination, earning their ticket back to the district championships with an impressive performance at the sectionals.

The team’s combined scores reflected their exceptional play on the course. Hailey Muntean led the way with a solid score of 97, setting a strong tone for her teammates to follow. Maddie Jackson continued the impressive display with a score of 98, showcasing her consistent and reliable play.

Ellie Jackson added to the team’s success with a score of 102, while Sophia Perry contributed with a score of 106. Their ability to navigate the course effectively and make strategic shots played a crucial role in the team’s overall performance.

Claire Banner rounded out the team’s effort with a score of 109, ensuring that every stroke counted towards their goal of securing a spot in the district championships.

The team’s collective efforts paid off as they punched their tickets to the district championships, a testament to their hard work and dedication throughout the season.

As Columbiana gears up for the district championships, they do so with confidence and momentum on their side. Their fans have every reason to be excited about their prospects, knowing that this talented team has what it takes to compete at the highest level.