CANFIELD OH- Sometimes you need to hit the reset button in the sport of softball. Nothing is better for players of the sport than being able to come back the next day, or the next season starting at 0. For Canfield senior Bayann Jadallah, she used every ounce of her offseason to prepare to come back her senior year and go out with a bang.

Bayann admits that her junior season did not go as planned. She struggled statistically which hurt her confidence. However, when the year was done the work began. Bayann is not the kind of player to lay down against adversity. She worked herself hard to come into her senior season confident, and ready to make big impacts. To no surprise to anyone in the Canfield program, she has done just that. Bayann is now one of the most feared hitters in the AAC. She holds down the middle of the lineup with an uncanny ability to get on base, and also knock bombs out of the park.

Bayann took the time to chat with the guys from Running Point this week about her final campaign. She talks with Anthony Hartwig and Ty Bartell about her senior season, her future plans, and much more. Fly with the Redbirds as we introduce the latest Canfield softball player profile.

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