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POLAND OH- Poland’s Noah Huda is one of the most decorated players in the area when it comes to soccer. All the fans in the area know his name, and you can bet that opposing teams circle him more than once when making a scouting report for the Bulldogs.  Huda started his career early, and from the jump he had people telling him that he had something special inside. Now, that natural ability did not give Noah the right to not work. You know the saying hard work beats talent, when talent isn’t working? Well good luck beating talent that is working. That is exactly what Noah brings to the table. He is constantly setting himself goals that are obtainable, but also push him to be his best. That is the reason why he has mastered so many high level skills. He says his work ethic comes from his dad pushing him to be his best. That makes sense considering his dad is the girls soccer coach at Poland, you could say he knows a thing or two about teaching student athletes to be great. They might not see each other’s games live as much as they’d like, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feed off one another. That relationship may just be the edge that Noah has on a lot of talented soccer players. So Poland knows who the man is, do you?

Join YSN in learning just what makes Huda the player that he is. He took the time to sit with Anthony Hartwig and talk about his journey. They also discuss scouting with his dad, how he leads his team, and so much more. Don’t find yourself in the dog house, check out the latest Poland Soccer Player Profile on YSN.

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