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POLAND, OH- Poland Seminary High School is proud to announce the inaugural induction of two State Championship teams into the Poland All-Sports Boosters Club Athletic Hall of Fame. Historically, the Hall of Fame Selection Committee has inducted individual players and contributors every other fall season. However, the committee has recently resolved to honor exceptional teams during the alternating years. Teams that have demonstrated outstanding performance and achievement, such as winning a state championship, are considered for this prestigious recognition.

The induction ceremony will be held on Friday, August 30 th prior to the Poland vs. Howland home
football game. A Hall of Fame tailgate party will precede the game, with all former players and coaches of the honored teams invited to attend. This year's inaugural Hall of Fame class includes: – 1999 Poland Seminary High School – Division III Ohio High School Athletic Association Football State Championship Team and the 2000 Poland Seminary High School – Division II Ohio High School Athletic Association Boys Track and Field State Championship Team.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Bulldogs' 1999 State Championship season, during which they made history as the first football team in OHSAA history to achieve a 15-0 record and claim the state title. John Allsopp, President of the Poland All-Sports Boosters and Hall of Fame Committee Chairperson, expressed his enthusiasm: “The Hall of Fame Selection Committee is thrilled to induct deserving teams into the Poland All-Sports Boosters Club Athletic Hall of Fame for the first time. Poland’s rich athletic history boasts many exceptional teams, and winning State Championships is the highest criterion for consideration. We felt it fitting to honor the 1999 State Championship Football team on its 25th anniversary, alongside the 2000 Boys Track and Field team, recognizing the numerous former players who contributed to both state championship victories.”


VIENNA, OH- The 2024 Spring Northeast 8 Athletic Conference (NE8) softball season celebrated the joint championship of Lakeview and South Range, both teams demonstrating exceptional skill and teamwork throughout the season. Mary Brant of Poland Seminary was honored as the Player of the Year, acknowledging her standout performance and contribution to her team’s success. Brant also won NE8 Player of the Year honors in basketball, and was a First Team selection in soccer, leaving her mark in her final year as a Bulldog.

The First Team selections highlight the top performers across various positions. Pitchers Jayli Wilt from South Range and Ava Bacon from Lakeview led their teams with impressive displays on the mound. Infielders Keira Brogan from South Range and Leanne Williams from Poland Seminary were pivotal in both defense and offense. Outfielders like Izzy Haines from Lakeview and Malina Serrano from Girard played crucial roles in maintaining strong defensive lines and contributing to their teams’ offensive strategies.

Catcher, designated hitter, and utility players such as Mackenzie Stowe from Lakeview and Leanna Boccieri from Poland Seminary showcased their versatility and were vital assets to their respective teams.

The Second Team selections also feature players who made significant impacts throughout the season. Pitchers Phoebe Rusnik of Hubbard and Olivia Horn of Poland Seminary provided reliable performances on the mound. Infielders such as Anna Aey from South Range and Lauren Komorek from Hubbard were essential in their roles, while outfielders like Hallie Capan from Lakeview and Ava Hall from Struthers strengthened their teams’ defensive efforts.

The 2024 NE8 softball season was marked by competitive spirit and outstanding individual performances, with every selected player contributing to a memorable and successful season. Congratulations to all the players for their achievements and for elevating the level of play within the Northeast 8 Athletic Conference.


**Team Champion(s):** Lakeview and South Range
**Player of the Year:** Mary Brant, Poland Seminary

– **Pitchers:**
– Jayli Wilt, South Range
– Ava Bacon, Lakeview

– **Infielders:**
– Keira Brogan, South Range
– Leanne Williams, Poland Seminary
– Gretchen Bartels, South Range
– Kennedy Bartlett, Lakeview

– **Outfielders:**
– Izzy Haines, Lakeview
– Malina Serrano, Girard
– Elliana Thompson, Poland Seminary

– **Catcher/DH/Utility:**
– Mackenzie Stowe, Lakeview
– Leanna Boccieri, Poland Seminary
– Haleigh Taylor, Hubbard

– **Pitchers:**
– Phoebe Rusnik, Hubbard
– Olivia Horn, Poland Seminary

– **Infielders:**
– Anna Aey, South Range
– Lauren Komorek, Hubbard
– Emma Morris, Struthers
– Kalyssa Werner, Lakeview

– **Outfielders:**
– Hallie Capan, Lakeview
– Ava Hall, Struthers
– Solena DeJesus, South Range

– **Catcher/DH/Utility:**
– Isabella Isenberg, Lakeview
– Lucia DeLuca, Niles McKinley


VIENNA, OH- The 2024 Spring Northeast 8 Athletic Conference (NE8) baseball season saw outstanding performances from athletes across the region, culminating in Poland Seminary being crowned the Team Champions. Highlighting the season’s accolades, Tyler Wright from Hubbard was named the Player of the Year, a testament to his exceptional contributions on the field.

The First Team selections include a mix of skilled pitchers, infielders, and outfielders who have demonstrated their prowess throughout the season. Pitchers Tyson Tarajack from South Range and Braydon Songer from Hubbard led the mound, while infielders like Matt Paparodis of Poland Seminary and Andrew Kali of Hubbard showcased stellar defensive and offensive skills. The outfield was patrolled by talents such as Andrew Brown from Lakeview and Jacob Hayes from Poland Seminary, ensuring tight defense and explosive offensive plays.

The Second Team selections also feature notable players who have significantly contributed to their teams. Pitchers Joe Zuccaro of Poland Seminary and Cam Herrick of Girard provided reliable arms for their squads. Infielders Gabe Rusnak from Hubbard and Carmine Tukalo of Poland Seminary were instrumental in their infield plays, while outfielders like Kristopher Hrosar of Niles McKinley and Matt Boccieri of Poland Seminary added depth to their teams’ defensive lines.

The versatility and talent within the NE8 Conference were further exemplified by the selections of catchers, designated hitters, and utility players like Jaden Royal from Girard and Nathan Paolucci from Lakeview, who played crucial roles in their teams’ success.

Congratulations to all the players for their well-deserved recognition and for contributing to an exciting and competitive 2024 baseball season in the Northeast 8 Athletic Conference.

2024 Spring Northeast 8 Athletic Conference Champions / Selections

**Team Champion(s):** Poland Seminary

**Player of the Year:** Tyler Wright, Hubbard

– **Pitchers:**
– Tyson Tarajack, South Range
– Braydon Songer, Hubbard

– **Infielders:**
– Matt Paparodis, Poland Seminary
– Andrew Kali, Hubbard
– Hayden Newton, Lakeview
– Brennen Klasovsky, South Range

– **Outfielders:**
– Andrew Brown, Lakeview
– Jacob Hayes, Poland Seminary
– Joe Marsco, Girard
– Johnny Reyes, Hubbard
– Will Hynes, Girard

– **Pitchers:**
– Joe Zuccaro, Poland Seminary
– Cam Herrick, Girard

– **Infielders:**
– Gabe Rusnak, Hubbard
– Carmine Tukalo, Poland Seminary
– Landon Turner, Niles McKinley
– Michael Scavnicky, Struthers

– **Outfielders:**
– Kristopher Hrosar, Niles McKinley
– Matt Boccieri, Poland Seminary
– Tyler Wardle, South Range

– **Catcher/DH/Utility:**
– Jaden Royal, Girard
– Nathan Paolucci, Lakeview


POLAND OH-  It was nothing short of a pitcher’s duel on aThursday as Ursuline took a tight 2-1 victory over Poland. CJ Frasco was the standout performer, carving through the lineup and retiring 21 batters with ten strikeouts. Over seven solid innings, Frasco gave up just one run on five hits, keeping his composure and his walks to a minimum.

Poland first lit up the scoreboard in the fourth when Matt Paparodis smashed a double to bring in their only run of the game. But Ursuline wasn’t down for long. Luke Kollar swung back in the sixth with a crucial single to even the score. Then Anthony Triveri stepped up in the seventh, knocking a go-ahead single that clinched the lead for Ursuline.

On the other side, Jacob Hayes held his own for the Bulldogs, tossing seven innings and giving up two runs on six hits while striking out six. Despite his solid performance, the offensive support just wasn’t there.

Ursuline’s lineup saw hits from Jake Bednar, Frasco, AJ Snyder, Kollar, Triveri, and Johnny Cambert, with Kollar and Triveri each notching an RBI. For Poland, Carmine Tukalo was a bright spot, going 2-for-3 and adding dynamic base running with two steals. Paparodis also made his presence felt with a key RBI.

Ursuline advances to a District Semifinals on Monday against Alliance at Cene Park with a 4:00 first pitch.


Solena DeJesus was on fire with the bat, knocking three hits to help South Range topple Poland 9-6 in the district semifinals showdown. DeJesus kicked things off with a double in the first, and followed up with singles in the third and fourth innings, really setting the tone for her team.

Poland initially got the lead with Kylie Hudran grounding out to bring a run home, but South Range quickly flipped the script. They blasted five runs in the bottom of the first, sparked by DeJesus’s two-RBI double.

The Bulldogs made a surge in the fourth, taking the lead briefly after a rally capped by a wild pitch that brought in a run. However, South Range wasn’t down for long. Gretchen Bartels’s sacrifice fly and Ashley Rupert’s single in the same inning put them back in front for good.

Jayli Wilt pocketed the win despite giving up six runs over four innings, showing a rocky but effective outing. Olivia Horn, on the losing end, allowed nine runs from 11 hits through six innings of work. Rupert also came through to nab the save.

South Range showed off their hitting skills with 11 hits total. Rupert and Bartels contributed significant RBIs, with Wilt and the team showing great plate discipline by drawing six walks.

For Poland, Elliana Thompson was a bright spot, batting in two runs and snagging two hits herself. Lillian McDonald and Thompson both had a multi-hit day, while Avery Jakubovic helped keep the bases warm with a couple of walks.

With this victory, South Range is set to face Columbiana in the district championship at their home turf, promising another thrilling game set for a 5:30 start.


POLAND, OH- The South Range Raiders took down the Poland Bulldogs 4-2 this Monday to sweep the season series in the NE8.

The Raiders kicked things off in the second inning when Julian Tranovich knocked a single and Tyler Wardle took a walk, each bringing a runner home. They didn’t let up, adding two more runs in the third with clutch RBI singles from Brennen Klasovsky and Tranovich again, pushing their lead.

Shaun Updegraff was on point for the Raiders, holding the Bulldogs to just two hits and zero runs across two innings, fanning two along the way. On the flip side, Owen McKenzie shouldered the loss for Poland Seminary, giving up two runs on four hits during his one-inning appearance.

Kicking off for Poland, Chambers delivered a hitless, scoreless opening inning. Tranovich not only did damage with the bat but also sealed the deal with a save. Additional scoreless innings from Luke Gehring, Jake Shumate, Konnor Brogan, and Klasovsky kept the Bulldogs at bay.

The Raiders gathered nine hits throughout the game. Tranovich and Tyson Tarajack each snagged two hits. Wardle, Klasovsky, and Tranovich each notched an RBI. Defensively, the Raiders were slick, turning two double plays.

For Poland, Zuccaro stood out with a 2-for-2 day at the plate, and Hayes, batting cleanup, drove in a run. The Bulldogs also turned a double play in their defensive efforts.


POLAND OH- For the past four seasons, Mary Brant has been swinging for the fences and beyond for Poland, establishing herself as one of the top hitters in the area. Every time Mary steps up to the plate, it’s not just a chance for a hit; it’s an opportunity for the entire lineup to catch fire. That’s the kind of influence she has—when Mary’s having a good day at bat, chances are, the whole team is racking up the runs.

Mary’s significance to this Poland softball team cannot be overstated. As one of only two seniors on a predominantly young team, her role transcends just playing; she’s a pillar of leadership and experience. Her presence is a constant in the dugout, where she guides her younger teammates through the highs and lows of the game, showing them how to adjust, react, and succeed.

Off the field, Mary shares a special bond with fellow senior Leanne Williams. The duo has not only shared the softball diamond but also the soccer field and basketball court throughout their high school careers. Their friendship and teamwork across sports have undoubtedly shaped their competitive spirits and leadership skills.

Despite an injury early this season that sidelined her temporarily, Mary has bounced back with determination. Her stats are telling: a .422 batting average this season, with 7 home runs and a personal record of 41 RBIs—beating her previous best by two. It’s clear Mary’s timing couldn’t be better as the Bulldogs charge into the postseason.

Looking at her career as a whole, Mary boasts a .458 batting average, with 23 home runs and 106 RBIs, and an impressive on-base percentage of .507. These numbers not only highlight her skill but also her consistent performance under pressure.

As Mary prepares to take her talents to Robert Morris, she’s not just moving up to the next level—she’s set to make a significant impact on a Division 1 roster. Given her track record and resilience, there’s every reason to believe she will continue to excel and inspire, both as a player and a leader. Poland will surely miss her mighty swings and steadying presence, but the future is bright for this Bulldog turned Colonial.

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POLAND, OH- On Wednesday evening, Lucy Harrell of Poland turned the lacrosse field into her own personal highlight reel. During their game against Green, Lucy racked up an astonishing 11 goals, leading her team to a solid 13-9 victory. With this jaw-dropping performance, she’s not just scoring goals; she’s making history, tying for third place for the most goals in a single Ohio high school girls’ lacrosse game.

Lucy’s big day was nothing short of epic. Every time she got the ball, it seemed inevitable that she’d find the back of the net, turning a regular season contest into a record-chasing showcase. Her ability to slice through defenses and score with such consistency was a game-changer and had everyone—from teammates to spectators—buzzing.

This wasn’t just a win for Poland Seminary; it was a statement game for Lucy, highlighting her skill, grit, and potential. As she gears up for her senior year, she’s not just a player to watch; she’s a force to be reckoned with. Lucy’s already left a mark in the OHSAA record books, and if this game is anything to go by, she’s just getting started. Here’s to seeing what she does for an encore!


Poland stormed through their Sectional Final against  United, cruising to a decisive 17-2 victory in a game that wrapped up in just five innings.

Poland’s bats were blazing, racking up a whopping 22 hits. Lily McDonald was a major force, smashing a double and a home run among her three hits and driving in four runs. Elianna Thompson and Leanne Williams each contributed with four singles, with Thompson also notching three RBIs. Senior shortstop Mary Brant added three hits, including a double, and matched McDonald with three RBIs. Kylie Hudran and Leanna Boccieri each put up two hits, with Hudran bringing in a couple of runs.

In the circle, Olivia Horn delivered a solid performance, pitching all five innings, allowing five hits and fanning five batters.

For United, Matilyn Zines handled pitching duties but struggled against Poland’s offense, though she did manage a double at the plate. Joshlynn Irey hit safely twice in three tries, while Madelyn Lucas drove in both runs for the Golden Eagles.

Next up, Poland is set to face the winner between South Range and Canton South on May 14th at 4:30 PM, at South Range High School for a District Semi-Final showdown.


POLAND OH- In a commanding performance, Poland’s softball team secured a resounding 16-0 victory over Villa Angela-St. Joseph in the Sectional Semi-Final game.

Right from the start, the Bulldogs’ bats were on fire, amassing a total of 14 hits over the course of the contest. Senior first baseman Leanne Williams led the charge, going a perfect 4-for-4 at the plate, including a double, and driving in 2 runs. Kyle Hudran, Mary Brant, and Elianna Thompson each contributed with 2 hits apiece. Both Brant and Thompson showcased their power, each hitting a home run and collecting 4 RBIs. Brant also added a double to her impressive offensive display.

On the defensive side, Olivia Horn earned the win in the circle for Poland, supported by solid pitching performances from the entire pitching staff. Together, they held VASJ to just 3 hits throughout the game.

With this convincing win under their belt, Poland advances to the Sectional Final game against United Local. The Bulldogs will look to carry the momentum into Weednesday’s matchup at 4:30pm in Hanoverton.