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EAST PALESTINE OH-  McDonald has a new head coach for their boys basketball program, and his name is James Franceschelli.  He has some big shoes to fill as the program had tremendous success under Jeff Rasile.  However, James is confident that despite the regime change, and the talent graduating that the Blue Devils still have a real chance at surprising a lot of people. No one knows more than him, he spent last season as an assistant coach on the bench. He knows exactly what he has, and how much his team can do.  A lot of talent on the team, was kept in the dark with the unbelievable run Zach Rasile had in the program.  Now people are going to find out how much depth the McDonald team has.  James still has plenty of talent to work with, and a strong group of young players ready to step up.  If things go according to plan, the Blue Devils wont miss a beat.


Coach Franceschelli came on Running Point on Friday to talk about his new job, the talent he has returning, and much more.

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