WARREN, OH- When most were shut down in what they were willing/able to do since March 2020, Warren JFK’s Jesse Likens saw an opportunity when others saw obstacles.  Likens still had a bit of that taste in his mouth from the final snap of 2019 for the Eagles, and as most athletes do, used it as motivation.

Unlike most, however, Likens would put to the side most things that were convenient, and didn’t serve his mission: playing football at the highest level possible.

Jesse is a rare bird (no pun intended, Eagles) that prioritizes his education ahead of everything.  With the ultimate goal of playing on Sundays, Likens knows he needs the smarts to back everything up for the day that he chooses to hang up the cleats.

To watch this young man run is something special; it’s like watching defenses run in slow motion while he’s in fast forward.  While he is extremely proud of his speed and all the work that went into it, he values his football IQ even more.  That combination provided over 1500 yards on the ground, 13 touchdowns, and defensively had 93 tackles.

We had a chance to sit down with the newest Air Force Academy Commit for football, and discuss all things that spark Lighting to strike twice this season!