Photo by: Edgewood


East Palestine, OH- The air is electric with anticipation as the Edgewood Warriors prepare to embark on a new football season, armed with renewed enthusiasm and a revamped roster. Leading the charge is senior quarterback Tony Hall, whose impressive stats from the previous season have set the stage for high expectations. With a veteran-packed team and a deep pool of talent, the Edgewood Warriors are gearing up for a triumphant 2023 season that promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

In a candid interview with the Warriors’ broadcast team, Larry Jennings and Mike Olekshuk, Tony Hall shared insights into his preparation for the upcoming season. When asked about his approach to leadership, Hall emphasized the importance of leading by example both on and off the field. He spoke passionately about the bond that has formed among the players, attributing their success to their unwavering commitment to one another.

Hall’s dedication to improvement was also evident as he discussed his offseason training regimen. He highlighted his focus on refining his throwing technique and decision-making skills while also dedicating time to studying game strategies. This dedication reflects not only his personal drive but also his responsibility as a leader to elevate the entire team.

Looking ahead, Hall expressed excitement about the challenges that lie ahead. He acknowledged the tough competition in the league but remained steadfast in his belief in the Warriors’ capabilities. The interview painted a picture of a leader who is determined to make the most of his senior season and leave a lasting legacy on the Edgewood Warriors.