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Photo Credit: Edgewood Athletics

Madison, OH- In a thrilling matchup that showcased the resilience and determination of both teams, the Edgewood Warriors emerged victorious over the Madison Blue Streaks, claiming a historic league title for the first time in the program’s history. The final score stood at 58-50 in favor of the Warriors, cementing their dominance in the 2023-2024 CVC Lake Division League.

Box Score:

Team 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Total
Edgewood Warriors 14 12 15 17 58
Madison Blue Streaks 14 19 8 9 50

Edgewood Warriors Total Points:

  • McKenna Vencill: 19
  • Leigha Guyton: 12
  • Faith Vencill: 10
  • Katie McCollister: 7
  • Avery Vencill: 4
  • Carly Kray: 3
  • Annie Johnston: 3

Madison Blue Streaks Total Points:

  • Zoey Delagianis: 23
  • Sidney Sorber: 10
  • Kendra Smith: 7
  • Leah Brock: 5
  • Alyssa Snider: 3
  • Kaylee LaMarco: 2

Despite a valiant effort from the Blue Streaks, spearheaded by Zoey Delagiais’ impressive 23-point performance, they couldn’t withstand the relentless pressure from the Warriors in the latter stages of the game. Sidney Sorber contributed 10 points for the Blue Streaks, but it wasn’t enough to halt the Warriors’ march to victory.

With this crucial win, the Edgewood Warriors secured their place as the undisputed champions of the CVC Lake Division League, finishing the regular season with an outstanding record of 17-1. The achievement marks a significant milestone for the program and serves as a testament to the hard work and dedication of the players and coaching staff.

Looking ahead, the Warriors will aim to carry their momentum into their next game against the Conneaut Spartans on February 10th, 2024. Meanwhile, the Madison Blue Streaks will regroup as they prepare to face off against the Harvey Red Raiders on the road on February 9th, 2024.


Photo Credit: Edgewood Warriors

Madison, OH- In a high-energy clash between the Edgewood Warriors and the Madison Blue Streaks, it was the Blue Streaks who emerged victorious with a final score of 75-56. Despite a valiant effort from the Warriors, the Blue Streaks’ offensive prowess proved too much to handle, especially in the second and third quarters where they surged ahead.


QUARTER Edgewood Warriors Madison Blue Streaks
1st Quarter 19 15
2nd Quarter 14 23
3rd Quarter 2 19
4th Quarter 21 18
TOTAL 56 75


Edgewood Warriors:

  • Jacob Ernst: 20 points
  • Mason Thorr: 15 points
  • Payton Williams: 12 points
  • Brady Andrejack: 9 points

Madison Blue Streaks:

  • JP Dragas: 31 points
  • Noah Crites: 16 points
  • Seth Negin: 8 points
  • Knolan Albert: 6 points
  • Mac Steel: 6 points
  • Bryant Perkins: 2 points
  • Ryan Radkowski: 2 points
  • Kodey Quiggle: 2 points
  • Noah Barnes: 2 points

In the end, the Blue Streaks’ balanced scoring attack, with contributions from Noah Crites, Seth Negin, and others, proved too much for the Warriors to handle. Though Jacob Ernst led the Warriors in scoring with 20 points, supported by Mason Thorr with 15 points and Payton Williams with 12 points, it wasn’t enough to overcome the determined Blue Streaks.

Looking ahead, the Warriors (13-5) will regroup as they prepare to take on the Conneaut Spartans (3-14) in their next matchup on 2/9/24. Meanwhile, the Madison Blue Streaks (12-5) will look to carry their winning momentum into their game against the Harvey Red Raiders (9-9) on 2/10/24, aiming to build upon their impressive performance.


Photo Credit: Noelle Nunes


Madison, OH- In a challenging match-up against the Madison Blue Streaks, the Conneaut Spartans faced a formidable opponent that proved too much to handle. The final scoreboard reflected a tough night for the Spartans, with the Madison Blue Streaks emerging victorious with a score of 92-47.

Quarter Scores:

  • Conneaut Spartans: 10 | 12 | 5 | 20 | 47
  • Madison Blue Streaks: 23 | 27 | 24 | 18 | 92

Player Stats:

Conneaut Spartans Total Points:

  • Chance Loomis: 20 points
  • Jordan Kulko: 9 points
  • Davonte Harris: 9 points
  • Noah Hamm: 8 points
  • JR Hutchinson: 1 point

Despite the challenging game, Chance Loomis continued to showcase his scoring ability, leading the Spartans with an impressive 20 points. Jordan Kulko and Davonte Harris also contributed significantly with 9 points each.

On the opposing side, the standout performer for the Madison Blue Streaks was JP Dragas, who had an outstanding night with a whopping 52 points and an impressive 7 three-pointers.

Looking Ahead:

The Conneaut Spartans (3-13) will regroup and aim to bounce back in their next game against the Lakeside Dragons (3-11) at home on 2/6/24. The Dragons are coming off a 90-61 loss to the Geneva Eagles.

Meanwhile, the Madison Blue Streaks (11-5) will face the Edgewood Warriors at home on 2/6/24. The Warriors are coming in with momentum after a 70-59 victory over the Jefferson Falcons.

Despite the setback, the Spartans remain determined, and fans can expect an intense and competitive performance in their upcoming game.


Jefferson, OH- In a high-stakes matchup between the Jefferson Falcons and the Madison Blue Streaks, the Falcons emerged victorious with a final score of 56-36. The game, played on [Date], showcased the Falcons’ resilience and offensive prowess, securing them a crucial win.

Quarter Breakdown:

First Quarter: The game started with both teams displaying competitive spirits, with the Blue Streaks taking a narrow lead of 12-8. The Falcons were determined to turn the tide in their favor.

Second Quarter: The Falcons surged ahead in the second quarter, outscoring the Blue Streaks 17-8. Dylan Beebe, the standout player of the game, showcased his skills, sinking three crucial 3-pointers and contributing significantly to the Falcons’ offensive efforts.

Third Quarter: The Falcons continued their dominance in the third quarter, adding 17 more points to their tally. Anthony Covetta and Joey DeGeorge played pivotal roles in controlling the boards, securing crucial rebounds and limiting the Blue Streaks’ second-chance opportunities.

Fourth Quarter: The Blue Streaks faced offensive struggles in the final quarter, going 0-12 from the field. The Falcons capitalized on this, extending their lead and ultimately sealing the victory with a final score of 56-36.

Player Stats:

Jefferson Falcons:

  • Dylan Beebe: 19 points
  • Joey DeGeorge: 17 points
  • Anthony Covetta: 13 points
  • Caleb Welser: 3 points
  • Robbie Pisano: 2 points
  • Terry Brown: 2 points

Madison Blue Streaks:

  • Noah Crites: 8 points
  • JP Dragas: 8 points
  • Seth Negin: 6 points
  • Mac Steel: 4 points
  • Bryant Perkins: 4 points
  • Noah Barnes: 2 points
  • Ryan Radkowski: 2 points
  • Dom Magda: 2 points

Looking Ahead:

The Jefferson Falcons (7-7) are gearing up for a crucial home game against the Edgewood Warriors (12-4) on 2/2/24. The Warriors are coming off a significant conference win against the Perry Pirates, setting the stage for an intense rematch. The last encounter between the Falcons and Warriors ended with a narrow victory for Jefferson, and fans can expect another thrilling contest.

Meanwhile, the Madison Blue Streaks (10-5) will be hosting the Conneaut Spartans (3-12) on the same date. The Spartans are aiming to bounce back after a tough loss to the Geneva Eagles. The Blue Streaks will be looking to maintain their momentum and secure another home-court victory in this upcoming matchup.


East Ashtabula, OH- In another thrilling encounter that went down to the wire, the Edgewood Warriors clashed with the Madison Blue Streaks, resulting in a nail-biting overtime showdown. The final scores stood at Edgewood Warriors 67, Madison Blue Streaks 69, marking the 5th game this season for the Warriors that has come down to the final shot and the 3rd game that has extended into overtime.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | OT | TOTAL
Edgewood Warriors | 15 | 14 | 15 | 14 | 9 | 67
Madison Blue Streaks | 16 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 11 | 69

Player Stats:

Edgewood Warriors:

  • Jacob Ernst: 18 points
  • Mason Thorr: 20 points
  • Logan Kray: 23 points
  • Brady Andrejack: 2 points
  • Russell Thomas: 2 points
  • Zach Carlton Hull: 2 points

Madison Blue Streaks:

  • JP Dragas: 50 points
  • Noah Crites: 6 points
  • Seth Negin: 5 points
  • Knolan Albert: 4 points
  • Bryant Perkins: 2 points
  • Mac Steele: 2 points

Game Highlights:

The game showcased an exceptional performance by the Madison Blue Streaks’ JP Dragas, who single-handedly accounted for an impressive 50 points, including the crucial final two free throws that secured the victory for the Blue Streaks. Dragas’s outstanding contribution proved to be the deciding factor in this closely contested matchup.

For the Edgewood Warriors, Jacob Ernst, Mason Thorr, and Logan Kray displayed remarkable scoring prowess, combining for a total of 61 points. However, the collective effort fell just short of overcoming Dragas’s individual brilliance.

Overtime Drama:

The game reached new heights of excitement as it extended into overtime, marking the third time this season that the Warriors found themselves in such a situation. Both teams battled fiercely in the extra period, but it was ultimately the Blue Streaks who emerged victorious.

Upcoming Matches:

Looking ahead, the Edgewood Warriors (8-3) will hit the road to face the Conneaut Spartans (3-8) on January 16, 2024. The Spartans, coming off a challenging loss, will be eager to rebound against the Warriors. Meanwhile, the Madison Blue Streaks (9-3) are set to play at home against the Harvey Red Raiders on the same date. The Red Raiders, having recently faced defeat, will be aiming to turn things around against the formidable Blue Streaks.


Conneaut, OH- In a hard-fought battle on the court, the Conneaut Spartans faced off against the Madison Blue Streaks, resulting in a 43-79 defeat for the Spartans. Despite their efforts, the Spartans faced a tough challenge against the formidable Blue Streaks throughout the game.

Quarter-by-Quarter Breakdown:

First Quarter: The Conneaut Spartans started the game strong, leading with 21 points, showcasing their offensive prowess. However, the Madison Blue Streaks kept the score close, trailing by only three points at the end of the quarter (21-18).

Second Quarter: The Blue Streaks turned the tide in the second quarter, outscoring the Spartans 23-5. This impressive performance allowed them to take control of the game, heading into halftime with a 41-26 lead.

Third Quarter: Madison continued to dominate in the third quarter, extending their lead to 69-32. The Spartans fought hard, but the Blue Streaks’ offensive efforts were relentless.

Fourth Quarter: In the final quarter, the Spartans showed resilience by scoring 11 points, but the Blue Streaks maintained their lead, securing the victory with a final score of 79-43.

Top Performers for Conneaut Spartans:

  • Chance Loomis: 17 points
  • JR Hutchinson: 9 points
  • Jordan Kulko: 7 points
  • Noah Hamm: 7 points
  • Devonte Harris: 3 points

Top Performers for Madison Blue Streaks:

  • JP Dragas: 26 points
  • Dom Magda: 11 points
  • Noah Crities: 8 points
  • Ryan Radkowski: 8 points
  • Knolan Albert: 7 points
  • Seth Negin: 7 points
  • Bryant Perkins: 7 points

Upcoming Games:

The Conneaut Spartans (3-7) look to bounce back as they hit the road to face the Lakeside Dragons (2-7) on 1/12/24. Meanwhile, the Madison Blue Streaks (8-3) will be facing a tough opponent in the Edgewood Warriors (8-2) on the same date. The Warriors are coming off a thrilling double-overtime victory against the Jefferson Falcons with a score of 77-72. Both teams will be looking to make a statement in their upcoming matchups.


East Ashtabula, OH- In a highly anticipated matchup that showcased the prowess of the Edgewood Warriors, the girls’ basketball team triumphed over the Madison Blue Streaks with a final score of 61-50. The game unfolded with intensity across all four quarters, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. The battle to stay perfect and take first place in the CVC Lake division was one for the ages.

Quarter Breakdown:

  • First Quarter: Edgewood 12, Madison 11
  • Second Quarter: Edgewood 15, Madison 17
  • Third Quarter: Edgewood 17, Madison 14
  • Fourth Quarter: Edgewood 17, Madison 8
  • Total: Edgewood 61, Madison 50

Individual Player Stats:

Edgewood Total Points:

  • Avery Vencill: 9 points
  • Faith Vencill: 14 points
  • McKenna Vencill: 7 points
  • Katie McCollister: 12 points
  • Leigha Guyton: 4 points
  • Carly Kray: 3 points
  • Annie Johnston: 12 points

Noteworthy Performance: Faith Vencill

Edgewood’s freshman sensation, Faith Vencill, emerged as the leading scorer with an impressive 14 points. What makes her performance even more remarkable is her contribution in rebounding, showcasing her versatility on the court. Faith is part of a talented family trio, with Avery and McKenna Vencill being her cousins.

Upcoming Games:

The Edgewood Warriors, now boasting a perfect 10-0 record, are gearing up for a challenging away game against the Conneaut Spartans (4-6) on January 10, 2024. This matchup carries added intrigue, given that Spartans’ first-year head coach Jayson Aponte was an assistant coach under Edgewood’s Randy Vencill last year.

On the other side, the Madison Blue Streaks (10-1) will defend their home court against the Harvey Red Raiders (3-6) on the same date. The Red Raiders are seeking a rebound after a close 38-34 loss to the Jefferson Falcons.

Division Standings:

With this victory, the Edgewood Warriors have solidified their position at the top of the CVC Lake Division, standing alone in 1st place. As the team looks ahead to upcoming challenges, their undefeated record speaks volumes about their dominance on the court under the guidance of Coach Randy Vencill.

The Edgewood community eagerly anticipates the continuation of this stellar season, as the Warriors strive to maintain their winning streak and showcase their basketball prowess in the competitive CVC Lake Division.


Photo Credit: CM Photography

Ashtabula, OH- In a back and forth exciting game with long 3’s and big blocks, the Lakeside Dragons emerged victorious against the Madison Blue Streaks with a final score of 59-50. The Dragons showcased their resilience and skill in a matchup that saw both teams fighting tooth and nail for every point.

Key Players Shine for Lakeside: The Dragons’ success in this game can be attributed to the standout performances of key players. Dyln Newsome, with his sharpshooting prowess, stole the spotlight by sinking two crucial three-pointers in the fourth quarter, finishing the game with an impressive 21 points. Aiden Hathy made his presence felt on both ends of the court, contributing 13 points and delivering six emphatic blocked shots that ignited the crowd.

The Dragons’ balanced scoring attack included notable contributions from Alex DiSalvatore, Connor Mead, Jay Lopez, and Chase Newsome. Together, they formed a cohesive unit that proved too much for the Blue Streaks to handle.

Upcoming Clash with Edgewood Warriors: With this hard-fought victory, the Lakeside Dragons improve their season record to 2-2. The team’s next challenge lies in a road matchup against the Edgewood Warriors on December 20, 2023. The Dragons will be looking to carry the momentum from this win and gain an edge over their crosstown rivals, the undefeated Warriors.

Seth Negin’s Sharpshooting Not Enough for Madison: Despite a valiant effort from the Madison Blue Streaks, led by the sharpshooting Seth Negin, who nailed four three-pointers en route to a 17-point performance, they couldn’t overcome the Dragons’ offensive onslaught. Mac Steel and Dom Magda also made solid contributions with 14 and 10 points, respectively, but it wasn’t enough to secure the win.

Next Challenge for Madison: The Madison Blue Streaks, with a season record of 3-2, will be regrouping for their upcoming home game against the Perry Pirates. The Pirates, coming off a dominating 75-39 win over the Conneaut Spartans, will be aiming to build on their success. Madison looks to bounce back and continue their pursuit of victory in what promises to be another thrilling matchup.

As the Lakeside Dragons savor their hard-earned win, and the Madison Blue Streaks regroup for their next challenge, basketball enthusiasts eagerly await the clash between Lakeside and Edgewood, anticipating another intense battle between these fierce rivals.


Photo Credit: Noelle Nunes

Madison, OH- In a hard-fought game under the Friday night lights in Madison, the Conneaut Spartans faced off against a tough opponent, the Madison Blue Streaks. The final score read Madison 27, Conneaut 18, but the story of the game was much more than numbers on the scoreboard.

The first quarter saw Madison’s Carson Alley punch in a 2-yard touchdown run, followed by an extra point by Ben Amos, putting Madison ahead 7-0. They didn’t stop there, as Dominic Lawrence connected with Knolan Albert on a 42-yard touchdown pass, extending their lead to 14-0.

The second quarter wasn’t any easier for Conneaut, with Carson Alley breaking free for a 34-yard touchdown run. Madison was clicking on all cylinders, leading 21-0. But Conneaut wasn’t ready to give up, as Wyatt Payne managed to find the end zone with a 3-yard touchdown run, although the two-point conversion fell short. The halftime score was 21-6 in favor of Madison.

In the third quarter, the Blue Streaks continued to make their mark with Carson Alley tossing a 22-yard touchdown pass to Mac Steele, though they missed the extra point, leaving the score at 27-6. Conneaut kept battling as Wyatt Payne scored another 4-yard touchdown run, but, once again, the two-point conversion was no good, making it 27-12.

The fourth quarter saw the Spartans refuse to go quietly into the night. Max Gleason connected with Bryce Spurlin on a 34-yard touchdown pass, and although the two-point conversion fell short, Conneaut managed to narrow the gap to 27-18.

The final score may not have gone in the Spartans’ favor, but the heart and determination they displayed are a testament to their grit and spirit. Their 5-5 season record was enough to secure a spot in the OHSAA playoffs, and they’ll likely face the Garrettsville Garfield G-Men in a rematch from the 2022 playoffs. On the other side, the Madison Blue Streaks, with their 8-2 season record, are set to take on the Gilmour Academy Lancers (8-2) in the first round of the playoffs.


Edgewood, OH- Hoping to bounce back off a tough loss in week 6, the Edgewood Warriors clashed with the Madison Blue Streaks in a game that had fans on the edge of their seats until the final play. The first quarter opened with Madison’s James Poe bulldozing his way into the end zone with a powerful 5-yard touchdown run, putting the Blue Streaks up 7-0 after Ben Amos nailed the extra point.

However, the Warriors wasted no time responding. Just moments later, Edgewood’s Anthony Hunt electrified the crowd with a jaw-dropping 76-yard kickoff return for a touchdown, and Samuel Linder’s extra point tied the game at 7-7. The first quarter continued to deliver excitement as Madison’s Carson Alley capped off a drive with a 5-yard touchdown run, adding another successful extra point, bringing the score to 14-7 in Madison’s favor.

In the third quarter, Edgewood’s Tony Hall showcased his arm strength with a 35-yard touchdown pass to Zach Carlton-Hull, and with the extra point, the game was tied once again at 14-14.

As the game unfolded, both teams had opportunities to secure victory in regulation, but missed field goals sent this nail-biter into overtime. In the first overtime series, Edgewood’s Samuel Linder stepped up and drilled a clutch 25-yard field goal, giving the Warriors a 17-14 lead.

With the pressure mounting, Madison’s Carson Alley proved his mettle in the second overtime series, connecting with Alexander Davis for a 16-yard touchdown pass, securing a heart-pounding 20-17 victory for the Blue Streaks.

The final score told the tale of a fiercely competitive contest, with the Madison Blue Streaks emerging triumphant over the Edgewood Warriors, 20-17. The Edgewood Warriors, now at 4-3 (0-2 CVC Lake Division), will prepare for a road battle against the Conneaut Spartans, while the Madison Blue Streaks, with a 6-1 record (2-0 CVC Lake Division), will hit the road to face the Jefferson Falcons, who are still seeking their first win of the season at 0-7 (0-2 CVC Lake Division). Football fans can expect more excitement and drama in the weeks to come as these teams continue their pursuit of victory in the CVC Lake Division.