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COLUMBIANA, OH- Clipper Baseball standout Brady Kridler has already overcome so much in his life.  Some that he’s opened up to, and some he still working on.

One of the biggest factors in helping him through these obstacles has been his family and his love of baseball.

The Clippers have been a perfect landing spot for the senior first baseman, as he’s been able to build great relationships with the players, and coaching staff who are understanding of Kridler’s past, and are focused on preparing their teammate for a successful future, one that Brady Kridler has been bettering himself every day for.

Kridler has not just turned into an exceptional teammate, but an authentic and genuine great young man.  For most, just getting through the hard times would be enough, but Brady has come to expect more from himself- he wants to give back, he wants to contribute, and he whole-heartedly cares about those in his life.  From his family on the field to his family at home- Kridler has been able to enjoy his time as a Clipper because he’s learned to care for those who cared so much for him.

At the end of the day, Brady is making this more than a fleeting moment in time, this sport, this team, this family means more because at the end of the day, Kridler Cares.

Join us as we sit down with the senior standout for Columbiana in this week’s Clipper Player Profile.