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STRUTHERS, OH- It’s always impressive to sit down and talk with a multi-sport athlete when we have the chance.  Usually, the conversation consists of how they can shift their attention from sport to sport, season to season, and still have time for themselves.

So, you can imagine how many questions we had for Struthers Junior, Chaz Ekoniak.

Chaz not only fits the bill as a dual-sport athlete but does them in the same season.  You see, Chaz lights up the links throughout the week as one of the area’s standout golfers, and then the Wildcats hit the “Cat Signal” on Fridays where Ekoniak sheds the slacks and clubs for a helmet and pads to be an elite wide receiver on the field for the Wildcats.

All of that, and Chaz still has time to have over a 3.9 GPA when he’s not disguised as the Struthers Athletics hero.

We had a chance to sit down with the busiest man in Youngstown after both seasons concluded and discuss the challenges, the thrills, and what’s to come for Struthers’ very own Dark Knight in this Player Profile: Cat Man.

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