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Youngstown, OH- In a commanding display of defensive prowess and strategic playmaking, the Labrae Vikings outshined the Valley Christian Eagles in a resounding 20-0 victory. The game, filled with thrilling moments, showcased Labrae’s dominance on both ends of the field.

The opening quarter witnessed Labrae’s Jay McGary breaking through the defensive lines with a 12-yard touchdown run, followed by a successful extra point by Max Young. This early offensive strike set the tone for Labrae’s determination to seize control of the game.

As the second quarter unfolded, the momentum continued to favor Labrae. With 5 minutes and 49 seconds left, Valley Christian’s Ja’Sean Lindsay’s pass was intercepted by Labrae’s Treyton Derry, adding to Labrae’s growing advantage.

The fourth quarter intensified the pressure on Valley Christian. Labrae’s Kenny Yoho showcased his precision with a 17-yard pass to Eric Riebold, extending the lead to 14-0 after Max Young’s extra point. Labrae’s defense remained unyielding, with Ja’Sean Lindsay of Valley Christian throwing yet another interception, this time claimed by Labrae’s Mike Henderson. In a swift response, Treyton Derry sprinted 20 yards for another Labrae touchdown, although the subsequent 2-point conversion attempt was unsuccessful.

The final score of 20-0 reflected Labrae’s exceptional defensive performance, effectively neutralizing Valley Christian’s run game and consistently capitalizing on turnovers. The victory secured Labrae’s position with a 1-1 record, as they now prepare to face off against the Niles Red Dragons in week 3. Meanwhile, the Valley Christian Eagles, also with a 1-1 record, are set to host the Brookfield Warriors in their upcoming week 3 encounter.


The Blue Devils are coming off back to back losses under Head Coach Alan Mikovich.  The Devils will line up 2-2 to face the Southern Local Indians and continue league play against EOAC foes this week in what will surely be a battle.

With the same winning mentality in place, can the Blue Devils return to state championship glory?  We’ll know first with Tyler Hoffman leading the way with all the pointed questions to Coach Mikovich.

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