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MINERAL RIDGE, OH- Mineral Ridge’s volleyball coach, Heather Ault, has been making headlines as she leads the 7th and 8th grade volleyball teams to consecutive championships. Ault, who has been coaching this group for five years, credits her lifelong passion for volleyball and her strong connection with the girls for their success.

Ault’s coaching prowess is evident in the team’s exceptional performance, having won back-to-back championships and going undefeated in their league for two years. A proud moment for Ault and her team was when they secured a league victory for the fourth time during her coaching tenure.

The success of the Mineral Ridge volleyball team is a testament to the strong foundation laid by Ault. Her dedication to the sport and the close relationship she has with her players is evident as she mentions how players have wanted to come and play for her from a young age. Ault’s involvement with the girls even extends to her role as a fifth-grade teacher, where she uses her influence to foster enthusiasm for volleyball among her students.

Looking ahead, Ault is confident in the future of Mineral Ridge’s volleyball program, with a strong batch of freshmen and underclassmen ready to carry the torch. When asked about the possibility of coaching at the varsity level, Ault remains evasive, hinting that she’s not ruling out the idea as she focuses on her own children for now.

Ault’s impact as a coach and mentor goes beyond just her players; she’s a respected figure in the community. Andy Hake, who conducted the interview with Ault, acknowledges her exceptional coaching and teaching abilities, indicating the deep respect she has earned within and beyond the volleyball community.

With Ault at the helm, Mineral Ridge’s volleyball program is gearing up for a promising future, driven by passion, dedication, and a love for the game.