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YOUNGSTOWN OH- For the first time since 2015, the Ursuline Irish were in a playoff game, but in order to make it to the next round, they’d have to face a tough Villa Angela St. Joseph’s team that was red hot after getting a big upset win against Fairless last week by a score of 28-17.  

The Vikings continued the momentum by picking off Brady Shannon and scoring first as Nicholas Mcclinton took it in for a 10-yard touchdown making it 7-0.  However, the Irish knew what to do next, as Brady Shannon found Jakylan Irving for a 38-yard touchdown tying it at seven all.  Later on, it was our player profile guest DeMarcus McElroy who ran his feet into the endzone three-yards out making it a seven-point game going into halftime with a little upset alert on our hands. 

This game continued to have upset alerts written all over it as both teams went back to back in scoring.  Once again, it was McElroy showing off the J.K. Dobbins speed from 10-yards out making it 21-7.  The Vikings were still rowing the boat, however.  Just before the end of the third, quarterback Kevin Eiseman found Jordan Dean for a 39-yrs touchdown, and the lead was cut back to seven.  

However, Shannon went off, giving us flashbacks like Tom Brady against Tennessee back in 2009.  Shannon found Terrell “TG” Dillworth twice and Matthew Reardon once.  The Irish got their last touchdown of the night when John Edmonds picked off Eiseman taking it in for a pick-six.  The Vikings got one more touchdown but it was not enough as the Irish advance with the final of 47-21. 

This is Ursuline’s first win in the playoffs since their 41-13 quarterfinal win against Crestwood in 2015.  



Brady Shannon: 15-20 for 238 yards and four touchdowns. DeMarcus McElroy: 17 carries for 52 yards and two touchdowns.  Matthew Reardon three receptions for 75 yards and a touchdown.  


Sixth-seeded Ursuline (5-2) will now have to make a trip to Beloit to face the third seed West Branch Warriors (7-0)  next Saturday at 7pm.  You can catch that game live on YSN! 


*contributed by YSN’s Ian O’Brien*