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COLUMBIANA, OH- Columbiana Senior, Grace Witmer knew the day would come.  She knew that one day she’d look around the locker room and be the one everybody was looking to for answers, and leadership.  While that thought sends most into an anxiety-ridden fit, Witmer embraces it as she does most challenges that come her way- with a bit of her namesake: grace.

Witmer is the only senior on the Clipper team this season, and for the past 7 years, the annual celebration has been around a league championship of some kind.  You know the names of the past, but Witmer is trying to etch her name alongside her teammates for being the team that kept the standard held up against all odds.  Grace, her coaches, and teammates have dealt with injuries, stoppages, missed practice time, minimal preparation for opponents, and oh yeah- still having to go to school and stay eligible in the middle of a pandemic.

All things considered, the senior captain has done a tremendous job of not only keeping the Clipper plane in the air but sailing at altitudes that have raised eyebrows across the area.

We caught up with Witmer following a big first-round victory over Pymatuning Valley, and on the eve of a championship opportunity against their rivals, East Palestine for a share of the EOAC championship.  Whatever you do, keep your eye on 13 in the red and white, because whatever she does- she does with Style and Grace.