YOUNGSTOWN, OH- Some will never understand the lengths of which Ursuline senior standout Dean Boyd has gone through to just get back on the football field.  It’s been more than just a physical toll that has been overcome by Boyd, it’s been a mental game that has been challenging as well.

But just like Boyd has done in nearly every test he’s ever taken- he aced it with flying colors.

Boyd’s adventure has had him courted by numerous Division I Colleges and Universities and through it all, when one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the country called- Dean answered.

That’s what he does, and that’s what he’s always done- answers the bell in the face of adversity and against the odds.

All of the hard work, and sacrifices that have been made up to this year- have culminated in the crossroads that Boyd has taken head-on this season.  Dean and his teammates now look to battle toward a state championship and finish the Disney-like story that the entire team has dreamt of writing up.

YSN’s Steve Leslie had the opportunity to talk shop with the future Harvard star about life, family, and Ursuline football on this edition of the Ursuline Irish Player Profile: The Answer

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