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Men’s Volleyball is a growing commodity in the country, especially at the college and professional ranks. Schools such as Ohio State, Cal, USC, and UCLA all have men’s volleyball teams. The USA has a men’s national team. At the high school level however, the opportunity for boys to play volleyball for their school is still scarce. Men’s volleyball is not a recognized OHSAA sport, however there are Ohio high schools that have men’s volleyball teams. They fall under the umbrella of the OHSBVA (Ohio Highschool Boys Volleyball Association). There are 82 high schools in Ohio that have a boys volleyball team. Notable schools in the northeast area are Hoban, Perry, and Edgewood. 

For South Range student manager Sammy McDonald he has not let anything get in the way for his passion for the game. The senior says it’s the speed of the sport that caught his eye. Last season he attended team open gyms and got reps with the girls, and this season the coaching staff gave him the opportunity to be a student manager. On top of regularly coming to practices and getting reps, Sammy is responsible for keeping stats during the game while he sits on the bench. He also is another set of eyes that can share insight with the players as a match unfolds. Sammy has aspirations of playing volleyball in college and the reps and experience he gets with the Raiders is a huge help. He is proof that there is always a spot for people that have a passion for the sport they love. 

Anthony Hartwig sat down with Sammy this week as the team prepared for their next tournament game. They talk about his passion for the game, his role on the team, and much more. We invite you to enjoy this special Raider Volleyball Profile A Passion For the Game: Sammy McDonald

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