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AUSTINTOWN OH- The culture surrounding volleyball in Austintown is one of the strongest in the area. There are a good amount of player in the Fitch program who have put their stock in volleyball. This gives the Falcons a distinct advantage against other teams. Their players play in high quality clubs, and go to big college camps. One of the pillars to the Falcons building such a strong program is their head coach Jody Bartlett. coach Bartlett has brought a work ethic and standard that has raised the bar for the program, and she also has the ability to connect with her athletes and let them make the process fun.

Coach Bartlett took the time to call in to YSN’s Running Point this week to preview the 2021 season. The Falcons have a lot to look forward to, and coach was able to lay out a great picture of what to expect. She chats with Anthony Hartwig about the Falcons schedule, some key players to keep an eye on, and much more. Fly high with the Falcons and get excited for the upcoming season with Episode 1 of Coach’s Corner with Jody Bartlett.

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