EAST LIVERPOOL, OH- Did you know that currently, the state covers 12.5 percent of the taxes associated with the Beaver Local Renewal Levy?

This is true and if the levy does not pass before it expires this will not be the case taxpayers would have to pick up the other 12.5 percent based on legislation passed in 2013 for a levy that would replace the funding for this one.…/Ohio-cancels-property-tax-rol…

The best explanation is if $100 dollars is the cost per mill to the taxpayer, currently, that taxpayer is paying 87.50 and the state is paying 12.50.

For example: in a new levy, the state would no longer pay the 12.50 and the residents would be on the hook to pay the full 100.
This is called the “Homestead Rollback” which was deemed to not be permitted for levies established after 2013.

Beaver Local will also be holding informational sessions called “Coffee and Conversation on May 1st and 2nd at Tim Horton’s in Calcutta.

YSN caught up with Beaver Local Superintendent of Schools, Eric Lowe, for a 1-on-1 sit down to discuss the importance and details of the upcoming vote.