BOARDMAN, OH- The Boardman High School Girls Basketball team, led by Head Coach Jeff Hammerton, has clinched the AAC championship, marking an outstanding accomplishment for the team and its dedicated seniors.

Coach Hammerton reflected on the journey, emphasizing the importance of building a strong program and getting players on board at all levels. He praised the significant progress made by the team, underscoring their determination and hard work throughout the season.

The coach acknowledged the fiercely competitive nature of the AAC, highlighting the narrow margins of victory and the grit displayed by each team. Despite facing challenges, the Boardman Ladies Spartans secured an impressive season record, finishing strong amidst tough competition.

Delving into the unique qualities of the senior players, Coach Hammerton expressed deep admiration for each of them. From overcoming injuries to achieving remarkable scoring milestones, the seniors have left an indelible mark on the program.

DJ Yokley, the host of the YSN podcast, commended Coach Hammerton and the team, expressing gratitude for their contributions to high school sports. With the anticipation of playoffs ahead, the Boardman High School Girls Basketball team is poised for further success, fueled by their unwavering determination and collaborative spirit.

The YSN podcast will continue to follow the team’s journey, providing in-depth coverage of their ongoing achievements and the inspiring leadership demonstrated by Coach Hammerton and the players.