East Palestine OH- A long-running office argument has finally come to an end and a result has been made. Two contestants stepped onto the East Palestine football field on Friday morning but only one stepped off of it victorious. That victor was DJ Yokley the founder of YSN who beat employee and graphics man Quinn Puskar in devastating fashion. Off the rip, in both races, Quinn slipped on the turf after not choosing not to bring cleats which he proclaimed before the race that he did not need. Those slips did end up giving DJ an easy road to the finish line and bragging rights to say he’s the fastest in the office….for now



EAST PALESTINE, OH- Voters in East Palestine have an opportunity to have their voices heard on March 17th.  The Village residents will have the ability to cast their vote on the East Palestine School District’s .5% tax increase over the next 5 years.

Much has been discussed in the realm of “pay to play” in regards to sports and other extracurricular events if the subject does not pass later this month.  How will this vote affect sports and the future of sports in Bulldog Country?

We sat down with East Palestine Superintendent, Chris Neifer to discuss the proposal and the plan on both sides of the vote.




On the heels of a World Series where neither team has won a game at home, It seems compelling to thoroughly examine whether or not a fiery crowd going nuts for the home team helps to alter the outcomes of games in modern-day sports. You can argue that certain teams have an advantage because of the field they play on, Look at Boise State football and the blue turf they play on at Albertsons Stadium. They have a record of 186-39 (14 Conference Championships) since THE BLUE surface was installed before the 1986 season. The program has lost only nine times on its home field since the start of the 1999 season. Or simply because of fans roaring and shaking the stands at any soccer match! Soccer has the best home-field advantage of any mainstream sport. The home team wins 49% of the time, and the away team only wins 29% of the time. Draws make up the other 22%. To get more specific in an article published by the website states that Denver athletics has the top home-field advantage in every sport [Except hockey. In past seasons the Cleveland Cavaliers broadcast team said that playing in Denver would be a challenge even if you only consider just the altitude alone. But just because a few stats or stories say that having hundreds or thousands of fans cheering for one team or individual is a definite advantage, Certain trends are taking place in particular on the high school level during in-game action that says otherwise. while doing some digging for this story I found that thirteen area football programs from four different conferences in 2019 have a combined home record of more than ten and in some cases more than twenty games below the break-even mark, (500.) at home with some schools already suffering with as many as five home losses. The schools I looked at are from the (All-American Conference) (Austin-town Fitch) (Boardman) (Crestview) The (Buckeye 8 Conference) (Beaver Local) (East Liverpool) and (Edison)

the (Eastern Buckeye Conference) (Salem) and the (Eastern Ohio Athletic Conference) (Columbiana) (East Palestine) (Leetonia) (Lisbon) (United) (Wellsville) Most of the programs have more home losses than they do wins. Also, multiple teams have a better road record than the home record. During 2017 at one point in the NHL postseason. Home teams were just (33-33) exactly .500 on the road which at the time was the combined home team’s worst playoff record since 2012 when teams had a losing record at home at 39-47. Just to play Devil’s Advocate and even up the arguments that are for and also against the home field being a serious game-changer, The final example I give in this story is the Cardinal Mooney Cardinals, football team. I’ve attended a Mooney game for seven of the last eight years and Mooney has one of the most passionate fan bases I’ve seen on the high school level, a collection of fans that I feel relate to the Cameron Crazy student section at Duke University, but on the high school level. I see similarities to Duke and like to call them the Cardinal Crazies! But with all that being said Mooney has a losing record at home where they are 1-3 and a winning record of 3-2 on the road. Some may argue that Mooney has played better teams at home. But Mooney plays top-shelf opponents every week, So I don’t buy that.

Anyway, all of this begs the question. Is home field advantage still a major factor in sports or more of a 2019 myth??! You the reader can be the judge. However,  Browns fans beware. The debate is very real!


*Story by YSN’s Scotty Mincher


LISBON, OH- It gives me no greater pride and joy to return back to my alma mater the home of the blue and the white, Lisbon David Anderson High school. This is my final Christmas as a DAHS parents, we’ve been blessed with the legacy of students and student-athletes not because they have a ball in their hand or because the rushed or outscored their opponents but because they are kind, generous, and humble.

A week ago, Tuesday two senior students, Miranda Wood, and Hailey Toot, knew of a fellow senior student that wasn’t expecting much for Christmas. In a simple Social media post,” we need help” these two young ladies rallied an entire student body, Lisbon staff, and community to raise enough funds in just a few short hours to purchase the Christmas gift that he had longed and hoped for. The funds came in so quickly to not only buy the gift he so chooses, but they also raised enough money to purchase him other items that he needed for his home. Lisbon students and their community stuck beside one another and gave an amazing Christmas to one young man to make his Christmas outlook what is now,  “Merry and Bright”.



Haley Toot is a Varsity Cheerleader, the daughter of Dave and Heather Toot, Miranda Wood, faithful student supporter, is the daughter of Melinda Reynolds and Jason Wood.
Lisbon Student Council also rallied their troops and purchased gifts for 8 students in their prospective classes under their advisor Mrs. Carrie Smith. The Junior High Student Senate sponsored 4 of their fellow students.
HS Student Council-Natalie Ammon, Varsity Cheerleader, Treasurer, Chloe Smith, Varsity Basketball/Cheer, Co-President, Hailee Carpenter, Varsity Basketball, Secretary, Missing: Alivia Leyman, VP, Brice Blackburn Co-President
JR High student senate: Aliza Baker, Basketball, Nick Freeman, Addison Andric, Cheerleader Missing: Madalyn Lowther
 As a fellow DaHS parent, this delights my heart to know there is so much goodness flowing In the hallways of Lisbon DAHS.
Happy Holidays!
-Dana Blackburn


South Range Athletic Boosters 29th Annual Raider Golf Classic

Friday, June 29th 2018


A Match Made in Heaven: FCA and YSN

(EAST PALESTINE, OH) When Your Sports Network was created, it was based on a vision to empower schools, and athletes as well as reach local businesses and help them achieve growth through networking.

Fast forward a few months to where we had the chance to sit down with Bob Kimpel (Bobby K to those who know him) and discuss the concrete vision he has been gifted by God.

After a few messages back and forth, and a sit down conversation in Bob’s home; the partnership was inevitable. The missions of both organizations are based on service, and giving student athletes a platform to reach their goals and dreams.

YSN Founder DJ Yokley had the opportunity to sit with Bobby K and discuss the FCA mission, and the official announcement of the partnership between organizations.