COLUMBIANA, OH- In the midst of a chaotic season, coaches are asked to compartmentalize so much- travel, cancellations, practice schedules, and player management among many other things.  For Heartland Head Lion, Josh Scott- he’s been given a second plate because his first plate heaped over so much.

Josh Scott was faced with one of the more adverse moments of his personal life with a form of cancer and battled through the stages quickly and swiftly, and considers himself fortunate for being able to get through the process thus far relatively unscathed.

Atop of all of that, Coach Scott has jumped headfirst into an Athletic Director role at Heartland as well, to try and fill the shoes of Susie Shields upon her departure.

We sat down in the few minutes of downtime that Coach Scott has, and discussed ALL that is going on in the Purple Palace and beyond, on the latest edition of Heartland Christian Coach’s Corner with Josh Scott.

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