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East Palestine, OH- In the world of sports, there’s a beauty in witnessing a team’s evolution, its struggles, and its unyielding determination to rise above challenges. The Saint John Heralds, a team deeply rooted in the heart of Ashtabula’s community, have been on a remarkable journey of transformation. As they gear up for the 2023 season, the Heralds are determined to leave behind the disappointments of the past and create a new narrative of success and redemption.

The Heralds’ 2022 season concluded with a record of 2-7, a tough pill to swallow for both players and fans alike. Yet, this season served as a crucial building block for the team’s future endeavors. With their second year as a member of the Northeastern Athletic Conference, the Heralds are set to showcase their growth and development on a larger stage.

One of the most noticeable aspects of the Heralds’ transformation has been their renewed sense of unity and youthful vigor. In 2022, the team was characterized by its youth and inexperience, a challenge that often tested their mettle. However, as the saying goes, “adversity introduces a man to himself.” The Heralds used their setbacks as fuel to grow, learn, and emerge stronger than before.

While the departure of key playmakers like Matt Miller will be felt, the team’s heartbeat lies in its returning quarterback, Vin Narducci. Narducci’s journey from being an offensive lineman to a quarterback showcases his adaptability and determination. His impressive performance in his first year as a varsity quarterback, throwing for over 1200 yards and 8 touchdowns, offers a glimpse into his potential as a leader on the field.

Narducci’s growth has been nurtured by the support of his talented wide receivers, namely junior Sullivan Twinning and sophomore Anthony Severino. With their speed and exceptional catching abilities, Twinning and Severino are poised to create dynamic plays that keep the opposition on their toes.

In the backfield, the Heralds boast a duo that perfectly balances power and agility. Junior Ryan Williams brings his formidable strength and blocking skills, enhancing the team’s offensive prowess. Complementing him is the swift and elusive Will Anderson, a player whose playmaking abilities promise to rejuvenate the Heralds’ run game.

The offensive line’s improvement, driven by senior Hank Wagner and sophomores Anthony Petrochello, Milo Twining and Donald Crawford, further solidifies the team’s prospects. The addition of sophomore Frankie Dubsky as center reflects the team’s emphasis on both experience and strategic understanding, crucial elements in navigating intense game situations.

The Heralds’ determination to evolve extends beyond their lineup. The 2023 season introduces new opponents like Trinity, Wickliffe, Beachwood, Steubenville Central Catholic, and Lincoln West. These fresh challenges will undoubtedly test the Heralds’ progress and mettle. However, they won’t be devoid of familiar faces, as conference teams Windham, Chalker, and Pymatuning Valley continue to be part of their journey. Notably, the eagerly awaited rivalry game against Fairport Harbor in week 9 adds an extra layer of excitement to the season.

Coach Bob Dlwgosh, a guiding force behind the team’s resurgence, encapsulates the Heralds’ aspirations succinctly: “To be successful, we just need to carry this level of intensity and focus we’ve had all summer into the season and keep it for 10 weeks.” This attitude reflects the Heralds’ commitment to consistency and perseverance, traits that are vital in a sport as demanding as football.

The Saint John Heralds’ revival story is one of relentless effort, resilience, and the unbreakable spirit of a community united by a common goal. As they step onto the field for the 2023 season, they do so not just as a football team, but as a symbol of determination and transformation. With each play, each touchdown, and each victory, the Heralds are scripting a story of redemption that resonates far beyond the confines of a football field.

For those who can’t make it to the games in person, the Heralds’ journey will be available live on, an opportunity for fans near and far to witness the resurgence of a team that’s ready to rewrite its destiny.