BERKSHIRE OH- In a thrilling showdown, Struthers secured a dramatic victory with a last-second touchdown, edging past Mentor Lake Catholic 28-25.

The opening quarter set the tone as AC Carter powered through with a 6-yard run at 3:45, putting Struthers ahead 7-0.

Lake Catholic responded in the second quarter, with Harley Forkins nailing a 27-yard field goal at 8:42, narrowing the lead to 7-3. However, AC Carter extended Struthers’ advantage with an 8-yard run at 2:52, making it 14-3. Lake Catholic fought back with Frankie Trinetti connecting with Patrick Radigan for a 10-yard TD pass at 0:47. The successful 2-point conversion closed the gap to 14-11.

The third quarter saw AC Carter continuing his impressive performance, scoring an 8-yard run at 6:41, bringing the score to 21-11. Lake Catholic responded once again, with Frankie Trinetti connecting with Ace Peterlin for a 22-yard TD pass at 3:30, making it 21-18.

In a seesaw battle, the fourth quarter saw Lake Catholic taking the lead with Josh Styles running for a 7-yard TD at 6:38, putting them ahead 25-21. However, Struthers staged a stunning comeback with just 10 seconds left in the game. Jason Dukes connected with Robert Carcelli for a 9-yard TD pass, securing a nail-biting 28-25 victory for Struthers.

In a game filled with twists and turns, Struthers showcased resilience and determination, ultimately pulling off a memorable win in the final moments. The scoreboard reflected the intensity of the contest, with Struthers emerging triumphant with a final score of 28-25 over Mentor Lake Catholic.